How to sign up to Recast and start watching

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  1. Join Recast and follow Planet Canoe (or at Just click on ‘Join Now and Watch’ and register through email or social media.
  2. Verify your account. You will receive a verification email from Recast.
  3. After verifying your account, your Recast fan account is set up. You get 25 free Cast Credits just for signing up. Please note these expire in 14 days so use them quickly.
  4.  You will receive an additional 50 Cast Credits for completing your profile.

Join Recast and follow Planet Canoe


  1. Casts Credits are a unique in-platform currency, used to purchase content on Recast. One Cast is equal to 1p (£0.01). You can find out more about Cast Credits here.
  2. Cast Credits can be PURCHASED at any time or EARNED in-platform by watching ads, sharing content and data, or inviting your friends to join.
  3. To purchase Cast Credits, click on your wallet at the top right of your screen and click on ‘Buy Cast Credits’. You can now insert the number of credits to buy or choose a preselected amount. You get free bonus credits if you purchase 500 or more credits! The more credits you buy, the more free bonus credits you will get.
  4. You can pay with debit/credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  5. There are also different ways to earn Cast Credits for free, including:
    1. Watch adverts on the Recast platform and receive Cast Credits directly to your wallet. ‘Watch & Earn’ videos can be found through your Recast wallet and home page.
    2. Invite a friend to join and you’ll receive 100 Casts when they purchase their first piece of content.
    3. Complete your Data Profile and you’ll receive 50 Casts plus you can earn more Casts every time you watch an ad on Recast.
    4. Share content from Recast and receive Cast Credits to your wallet when it’s purchased using your link.


  1. Content is priced in Cast Credits. The price is based on numerous factors, such as content type, production level, and duration. This is set by the Publisher and clearly displayed in the top left-hand corner of the index image when you hover over the selected tile.
  2. To access content, simply click on ‘Watch’ for on-demand videos and live events or ‘Book my place’ for scheduled live events. Once you’ve purchased the content you are interested in, this will remain available for you and can be watched again for free.
  3. Ads will never interrupt your viewing. So, if you wish to earn credits via ads, then you must visit the Watch & Earn section first.

Join Recast and follow Planet Canoe

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You can find further information on the ICF FAQ page or, for more technical questions, please visit Recast's FAQs.

If you need any further support from Recast, please contact them at