Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee within, is elected at the Congress. Consisting of the ICF President, Vice Presidents, the Secretary General, and the Treasurer, the ICF’s Executive Committee meets every 3 months and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the association. The members establish the policy and procedures to ensure the efficient management and continued development of the ICF and its activities, and the Executive Committee reports to the Board.

The Board’s primary role is to oversee the management and ensure that the organisation’s affairs are being conducted in a way that achieves the organisation’s objectives. This entails, among other things, strategic planning, risk management and communication with all stakeholders.

Generally, the Board is responsible for governance, while the Executive Committee contribute to the management.

The Congress is the supreme authority of the ICF, it consists of delegates of National Federations and all its decisions are final. An ordinary Congress takes place every even year and is responsible for electing each member of the Board.

Name Nationality Position
José Perurena Spanish President (Executive Committee Member)
Istvan Vaskuti Hungarian 1st Vice President (Executive Committee Member)
Joao Manuel Da Costa Alegre Sao Tomean 2nd Vice President (Executive Committee Member)
Tony Estanguet French 3rd Vice President (Executive Committee Member)
Luciano Buonfiglio Italian Treasurer (Executive Committee Member)
Simon Toulson British Secretary General (Executive Committee Member)
Helen Brownlee Australian President OCA - Oceania Canoe Association
Shoken Narita Japanese President ACC - Asian Canoe Confederation
Albert Woods British President ECA - European Canoe Association
Cecilia Farias Argentinian President COPAC - Panamerican Canoe Federation
Maree Burnett New Zealander Continental Representative Oceania
Dr LUK Wai Hung Hong Kong Continental Representative Asia - Chair Dragon Boat
Ahmad Donyamali Iranian Continental Representative Asia
Dwight Corbin Canadian Continental Representative America
Branko Lovric Croatian Continental Representative Europe
Saifudin Patwa Kenyan Continental Representative Africa
Tim Cornish South African Continental Representative Africa
Victor G. Ruiz Puerto Rican Continental Representative America
Mario Santos Portugal Continental Representative Europe - Chair Ocean Racing
Thomas Konietzko German Continental Representative Europe
Frank Garner Canadian Chair Canoe Sprint
Jean-Michel Prono French Chair Canoe Slalom
Jorn Cronberg Danish Chair Canoe Marathon
Jens Perlwitz German Chair Wildwater Canoeing
Andrea Donzelli Italian Chair Canoe Polo
Lluis Rabaneda i Caselles Spanish Chair Canoe Freestyle
Donald McKenzie Canadian Chair Medical and Anti-Doping
Anders Gustafsson Swedish Chair Athletes' Committee
John Edwards Canadian Chair Paracanoe
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