National Federations

The National Federation (NF) members of the ICF uphold the development of Canoeing around the world.

First and foremost, NFs are structured in such a way that it can make effective strategic planning and provide a solid foundation of the sport in the NF country. NFs work on improving the state of Canoeing in their country, by developing the sport at a grass roots level all the way up to the elite sport.

With these foundations set, the NF will then work on the Field of Play, organising the structure of club and national level activity and organising competitions, making sure they contribute to the development of the sport. Moreover, the NF works with the ICF to further their mutual goal of promoting the sport of Canoeing within their country.

To keep the momentum going, to keep more people entering into the sport, NFs are responsible for marketing. More specifically this entails branding the sport, effective media relations and communications, selling to sponsors and television broadcasters as well as event management and event marketing.


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