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The role of officials in high performance sport is often contentious potentially affecting outcomes. In Canoe Slalom touches and missed gates can be critical to the outcomes and the allocation of medals. High quality judging under pressure comes from individual excellence and team work.



The Canoe Slalom International Judge (IJCSL) program contains the following:

  1. Pratical exercises at an international event
  2. Theory seminar invloving pratical application of the of CSL Racing Rules and ICF Statutes
  3. Written examination of CSL Racing Rules and ICF Statutes

To participate in an International Canoe Slalom Judge (IJCSL) program, you need at least 5 years experience at the national level. Your National Federation should send the application form to the ICF Headquarters and to the chairman of Canoe Slalom Committee.



ICF International Canoe Slalom Judge (ICF IJCSL) will become the required certification to be eligible to judge at the World Championships and Olympic games with the the first program delivered at the 2010 Senior World Championships in Tacen (SLO).

The training covers the higher order skills required to be an effective judge at international level - it is not a review of the rules but more about how each judge applies them and how they work together as a team to ensure fair and equal competition for all Athletes.

Participation in ICF IJCSL is by invitation with invitations usually issued to Judges who are already experienced at International level. To register your interest in this program your National Federation should send the application form to chairman of Canoe Slalom Committee and you will be placed on the waiting list for the next avaialable program.


Equipment register


The introduction of the new 2011 Rules for Canoe Slalom (CSL) changes the requirements for Personal Protective Equipment to be used in ICF CSL Competitions.

More specifically, the new Rules require that helmets and personal flotation devices (buoyancy jackets) meet ISO standards as implemented in countries around the world. See specifically Rule 19 in the CSL rules.

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