Continental Championships

The Continental Associations, aside from overseeing the sport in their specific region and representing their National Federations within the ICF, are responsible for holding Continental Championships.

The European Canoe Association for example holds Championships in Canoe Sprint, Canoe Slalom and Canoe Marathon in both Senior and U23/Junior categories every year. Wildwater Canoeing has a Championship every year: Seniors every odd year, U23/Junior categories every even year. Dragon Boat and Canoe Polo have European Championships every odd year while the Canoe Freestyle European Championships are every even year.

For more information on Continental activity, visit their individual websites available on this page.

Commonwealth Games

The ICF is recognised by the Commonwealth Games Association as the Commonwealth Sports Association for Canoeing. Through this association, the ICF is one step forward in its bid to become an optional sport (level 2) which would give canoeing a chance to be in the 2018 Commonwealth Games programme of events.

Furthermore, the ICF is currently seeking formal recognition from the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) for the ICF Commonwealth Championship in Canoe Sprint. The aim is that by 2014 there will 50 Commonwealth nations competing within the championship structure and the remaining 20 nations will act as part of the wider ICF Commonwealth development structure so that by 2018 all 70 nations in some form will be involved in the Championships. The ICF is currently piloting the Championship over the 2009/10 season and the initial response is enthusiastic. This has led to the ICF seeking to commence with a formally recognised Championship in September 2010.

Continental Multi-Sport Games

There are various multi-sport games around the world including the Continental Games, for example the Asian Games, Bolivarian Games, Central American and Caribbean Games, the Mediterranean Games, the Pan American Games, the South American Games, and the Southeast Asian Games where Canoe Sprint features on the event programme. Other Games include the World Games, where Canoe Polo and Dragon Boat were part of the 2009 programme, the Masters Games where Canoe Polo, Canoe Sprint and Canoe Marathon events are held and the Summer University Games, which is another event for Canoe Sprint.

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