The Danger Zone: Wildwater Canoeing

‘The Danger Zone’ came out in 1985. This may be before the wing paddle came out, but the book contains information that is still valuable, especially since no other book of comparable scope has been published on the subject. Furthermore, ‘The Barton Mold’, covers the wing paddle sufficiently well and readers could consult that for the new technique.

So, we hope the book is helpful for downriver paddlers around the world. Also, the author, Bill Endicott hopes it will be useful for Canoe Slalom paddlers too. He believes that athletes are better off getting a grounding in other canoeing and kayaking disciplines (and even other sports), not just in Canoe Slalom. The reasons are manifold: better all-round motor development, more comprehensive understanding of whitewater and boating generally, great way to do endurance training, less chance of burnout, and just an additional source of fun!

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