Nutrition Advice

Protein Update

By Dr. Liz Broad, Sports Dietitian

Protein has been a hot topic over recent years, not only for athletes but also in the area of weight control (e.g. Atkins diet, CSIRO diet). It’s no wonder there’s a lot of confusion as to whether diets should be high or low in protein, should an athlete eat lots of protein, is whey better than other proteins…… Read More...

Think Carefully Before You Take - Supplements

By Dr. Liz Broad, Sports Dietitian

How many times do you hear of an athlete testing positive to a banned substance, and subsequently blaming it on a supplement they’ve taken? In reality, over 50% of such cases ARE blamed on a supplement. Hopefully you’ve all sat through an anti-doping session at some time in the past couple of years, and in this session you’ve also heard about the potential risk of taking supplements due to contamination. Whilst it’s easy to assume that they’re just “looking for excuses”, could it really be true? Read More...

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