Mark Oldershaw (CAN)

Mark Oldershaw (CAN)

Canoe Sprint
Date of birth
07 February 1983
186 cm
94 kg
Marital status
Wife Annamay Pierse, daughter Josephine [2015]
Burlington, ON, CAN
Higher education
English Literature - Carleton University : Ottawa, ON, CAN


General Interest

Spending time with family and friends. (, 24 Jun 2015)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. (, 10 Aug 2014)
Hero / Idol
Canadian ice hockey player Marty Turco. (NOC, 31 Jul 2008)
He required two operations on his left hand to remove a cancerous bone. The second surgery was in 2005. (, 10 Jul 2015; NOC, 31 Jul 2008)
Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs
"I've raced with a lucky penny in my boat for most of my career. Not the same one, I just find one. They're getting harder to find now. Usually I stick one just under the block where I kneel." (, 24 Jun 2015)
Awards and honours
He was flag bearer for Canada at the opening ceremony of the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, ON, Canada. (, 01 Jul 2015)

He was named Canada's Junior Male Athlete of the Year in 2001. (, 01 Jan 2011)
Famous relatives
His wife Annamay Pierse was part of the Canadian swimming team that won bronze in the 4x100m medley relay at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India. His grandfather Bert Oldershaw was a national canoeing champion and represented Canada at the 1948, 1952 and 1956 Olympic Games. His father Scott, who has also worked as his coach, paddled for Canada at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. His brother Adam has represented Canada in the sport at the Pan American Games. His uncles Reed and Dean competed at the 1972 and 1976 Olympic Games in canoe sprint. (, 10 Jul 2015;, 10 Aug 2014; NOC, 31 Jul 2008)
Other information
His wife Annamay Pierse gave birth to their first child Josephine in August 2015, nearly three months before the due date. He was in Montreal, QC, Canada, for a training camp when the surprise news came. "It just happened so fast. We had planned it so that she would be born in the fall, which was the off-season, so I would be home to support her. So we had not even planned how we were getting to the hospital, and everything like that." Josephine remained in hospital past her original due date but was fit and healthy. "She has had her little issues, but it is mostly all good things since her birth. She is doing very well now." (, 05 Oct 2015)

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He first tried the sport at age seven and began competing at age nine.
Why this sport?
His grandfather, father and two of his uncles were international canoeists. "I grew up with the tradition surrounding me. It was a great atmosphere to grow up in. The seed was planted in me when I was young."
Club / Team
Burloak Canoe Club: Oakville, ON, CAN
Name of coach
Scott Oldershaw [father], CAN; Larry Cain [club, national], CAN; Laszlo Latorovszki [national]
Training Regime
He trains on the water twice a day. He also has four strength sessions each week.


Olympic GamesC1 200mBrazil, Rio de Janeiro18 August 20162016Men43.35720Latest result
Olympic GamesC1 1000mBrazil, Rio de Janeiro16 August 20162016Men4:06.97212Latest result
Olympic GamesC1 1000mEngland, London8 August 20122012Men3:48.5023Best result
Olympic GamesC1 500mChina, Beijing23 August 20082008Men1:52.64910
World ChampionshipsC1 1000mItaly, Milan22 August 20152015Men4:01.2809
World ChampionshipsC1 1000mRussia, Moscow9 August 20142014Men3:54.7576Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 5000mRussia, Moscow9 August 20142014Men25:20.28313
World ChampionshipsC1 4 x 200m RelayRussia, Moscow10 August 20142014Men2:59.0888
World ChampionshipsC1 1000mGermany, Duisburg31 August 20132013Men4:37.3529
World ChampionshipsC1 5000mGermany, Duisburg1 September 20132013Men22:44.5353Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 4 x 200m RelayGermany, Duisburg1 September 20132013Men2:51.5793Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 1000mHungary, Szeged19 August 20112011Men4:10.7075Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 5000mHungary, Szeged21 August 20112011Men24:19.0055Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 4 x 200m RelayHungary, Szeged21 August 20112011MenDNF9
World ChampionshipsC1 500mPoland, Poznan22 August 20102010MenDNF9
World ChampionshipsC1 1000mPoland, Poznan21 August 20102010Men4:01.0098
World ChampionshipsC1 500mCanada, Dartmouth16 August 20092009Men1:51.3705Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 1000mCanada, Dartmouth15 August 20092009Men4:00.5144Best result
World ChampionshipsC4 200mCanada, Dartmouth16 August 20092009Men35.6964Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 4 x 200m RelayCanada, Dartmouth16 August 20092009Men2:53.7306Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 500mGermany, Duisburg12 August 20072007Men1:48.3595Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 1000mGermany, Duisburg11 August 20072007Men4:29.0499
World ChampionshipsC1 500mHungary, Szeged20 August 20062006Men1:52.1516Best result
World ChampionshipsC4 500mCroatia, Zagreb28 August 20052005Men1:36.3509
World ChampionshipsC4 200mSpain, Seville1 September 20022002Men8
World ChampionshipsC4 500mSpain, Seville1 September 20022002Men5Best result
Olympic Qualification Tournament AmericaC1 1000mUnited States, Gainesville, GA20 May 20162016Men3:52.851Latest resultBest result
Pan American ChampionshipsC1 1000mMexico, Mexico City9 October 20102010Men4:05.412Best result
Pan American ChampionshipsC1 5000mMexico, Mexico City8 October 20102010Men24:15.851Best result
Pan American ChampionshipsC1 200mMexico, Mexico City17 September 20062006Men41.121Best result
Pan American ChampionshipsC1 500mMexico, Mexico City17 September 20062006Men1:52.121Best result
Pan American ChampionshipsC1 1000mMexico, Mexico City16 September 20062006Men4:01.762Best result
World CupIndividual Canadian5 June 20162016Men19Latest result
World CupIndividual Canadian23 August 20152015Men3Best result
World CupIndividual Canadian10 August 20142014Men2Best result
World CupIndividual Canadian1 September 20132013Men19
World CupIndividual Canadian3 June 20122012Men1Best result
World CupIndividual Canadian21 August 20112011Men5Best result
World CupIndividual Canadian22 August 20102010Men8
World CupIndividual Canadian7 June 20092009Men2Best result
World CupIndividual Canadian29 June 20082008Men3Best result
World CupIndividual Canadian3 June 20072007Men2Best result
World CupIndividual Canadian24 September 20062006Men8