Tony Estanguet (FRA)

Tony Estanguet (FRA)

Canoe Slalom
Date of birth
06 May 1978
186 cm
75 kg
Marital status
Three children
Sports Administrator
English, French
Higher education
Physical Education, Sports Marketing - INSEP: France


General Interest

Alpine skiing, surfing. (Facebook page, 24 Sep 2016)
A fall from his mountain bike in 2002 resulted in a fractured arm. (, 01 Dec 2007)
Awards and honours
He was selected to be the French team's flagbearer at the 2008 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in Beijing. (Le Monde, 29 Apr 2008)
Famous relatives
His father Henri was also a canoeist for France [he won silver and bronze medals in the Wildwater Canoeing World Championships in the late 1970s]. His brother Patrice won a bronze medal in the C1 slalom at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. (NOC Media Guide, 2004)
Other information
In November 2012, after winning his third Olympic title in London, he announced his retirement on his Twitter account. "I'm hanging up my boat. Retirement at 34 years of age. Thanks to my family, my partners and to all my supporters for this beautiful journey." (Twitter profile, 04 Dec 2012)

He has served as the vice president of the International Olympic Committee Athlete's Commission and is a co-director of Paris' bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, something that he is passionate about. "I spent 20 years of my life with some butterflies in my stomach, to put myself in danger, to become the Olympic champion with a very low probability. And here I have the same challenge, to win." (Twitter profile, 02 Oct 2016;, 21 Aug 2016;, 17 Feb 2016)

International Debut

Competing for
World Cup

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He began paddling when he was about five in Pau, France. As a 14-year-old spectator at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, he watched his coach Slyvain Curinier win a medal.
Why this sport?
His family was involved in the sport, notably his father Henri, and brothers Aldric and Patrice.
"I had a sportive childhood. My father and my brothers are all sports teachers, my brothers both elite sportsmen. My childhood was defined by sport and sporting holidays which gave me enormous pleasure: skiing in the winter, surfing in the summer, kayaking in Spain. The past twenty years have been like one big family sporting holiday. It's a lifestyle."


Olympic GamesC1England, London31 July 20122012Men97.061Latest resultBest result
Olympic GamesC1China, Beijing12 August 20082008Men93.929
Olympic GamesC1Greece, Athens18 August 20042004Men189.161Best result
Olympic GamesC1Australia, Sydney18 September 20002000Men231.871Best result
World ChampionshipsC1Slovakia, Bratislava11 September 20112011Men107.0113
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamSlovakia, Bratislava11 September 20112011Men122.154Best result
World ChampionshipsC1Slovenia, Tacen12 September 20102010Men95.701Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamSlovenia, Tacen12 September 20102010Men111.354Best result
World ChampionshipsC1Spain, La Seu d'Urgell13 September 20092009Men96.211Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamSpain, La Seu d'Urgell12 September 20092009Men103.772Best result
World ChampionshipsC1Brazil, Foz do Iguaçu22 September 20072007Men194.232Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamBrazil, Foz do Iguaçu21 September 20072007Men212.161Best result
World ChampionshipsC1Czech Republic, Prague6 August 20062006Men207.691Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamCzech Republic, Prague5 August 20062006Men293.5611
World ChampionshipsC1Australia, Penrith1 October 20052005Men209.472Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamAustralia, Penrith3 October 20052005Men229.471Best result
World ChampionshipsC1Germany, Augsburg24 July 20032003Men209.522Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamGermany, Augsburg25 July 20032003Men213.922Best result
World ChampionshipsC1France, Bourg-Saint-Maurice25 August 20022002Men38
World ChampionshipsC1Spain, La Seu d'Urgell11 September 19991999Men259.9114
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamSpain, La Seu d'Urgell9 September 19991999Men125.323Best result
World ChampionshipsC1 TeamBrazil, Três Coroas28 September 19971997Men152.422Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Germany, Augsburg12 May 20122012Men1:00.12Latest resultBest result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamGermany, Augsburg12 May 20122012Men115.703Latest result
European ChampionshipsC1Spain, La Seu d'Urgell12 June 20112011Men99.481Best result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamSpain, La Seu d'Urgell12 June 20112011Men110.281Best result
European ChampionshipsC1Slovakia, Cunovo15 August 20102010Men20
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamSlovakia, Cunovo14 August 20102010Men119.633
European ChampionshipsC1England, Nottingham31 May 20092009Men105.258
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamEngland, Nottingham30 May 20092009Men98.522Best result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamSlovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš15 June 20072007Men220.253
European ChampionshipsC1France, L'Argentière-la-Bessée2 July 20062006Men221.241Best result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamFrance, L'Argentière-la-Bessée30 June 20062006Men257.664
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamSlovenia, Tacen24 June 20052005Men241.745
European ChampionshipsC1Slovakia, Bratislava14 July 20022002Men208.702Best result
European ChampionshipsC1 TeamSlovakia, Bratislava12 July 20022002Men241.364
European ChampionshipsC1Italy, Mezzana25 June 20002000Men226.901Best result
Oceania Open ChampionshipsC1Australia, Penrith, NSW25 February 20122012Men93.551Latest resultBest result
Pan American ChampionshipsC1Brazil, Foz do Iguaçu18 March 20072007Men192.571Best result
World CupC12 September 20122012Men14Latest result
World CupC113 August 20112011Men29
World CupC14 July 20102010Men10
World CupC13 August 20092009Men4
World CupC16 July 20082008Men32
World CupC115 July 20072007Men16
World CupC111 June 20062006Men10
World CupC124 July 20052005Men3
World CupC125 July 20042004Men1Best result
World CupC13 October 19991999Men8
World CupC113 September 19981998Men9