On February 18, the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation hosted a meeting dedicated to the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 2 in Barnaul. The ICF's Sergey Medvedev attended the meeting and filed this report.

The ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 2 will take place in Barnaul from 20 to 23 May 2021. About 400 athletes from 50 countries are expected to take part in the competition. The Olympic qualification will take place here: six nominations for singles, six tickets for the Olympic Games.

The Minister of Sports of Russia, Oleg Matytsin, and the Governor of the Altai Territory, Viktor Tomenko, met at the event in Barnaul. As the head of the federal department noted, the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 2 is a significant event for both the Russian Federation and the Altai Territory.

According to Oleg Matytsin, preparations for the world cup stage are being carried out in a very difficult period, when one has to overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic. For this reason, it is necessary to make joint work complementary.

Following the meeting, Oleg Matytsin added that Russia has always demonstrated its readiness to host major international competitions.

"In the Altai Territory, such a large-scale competition will be held for the first time, this is a good reason for the entire team of the Altai Territory, the Ministry of Sports and all departments to integrate work with the International Canoe Federation (ICF) and the All-Russian Federation of Kayaking and Canoeing," he said.

"I am sure that at this stage the tasks are being solved successfully and professionally. The problems that arise are traditional. They are related to logistics, compliance with Covid-19 regulations, inventory provision, visa regime. All problems are under control of the head of the organizing committee, Viktor Petrovich Tomenko.

"The ministry provides all the necessary assistance in solving the organisational issues. Therefore, I hope that we will witness a good event, the Altai Territory will give great joy to guests from abroad, and, of course, to all Russian fans of kayaking and canoeing," said the Minister of Sports of Russia.

The Governor of the Altai Territory noted that on the basis of the Barnaul rowing canal, comfortable conditions are being created for athletes and all fans of this sport. The Altai Territory already has experience in holding unofficial international competitions in kayaking and canoeing: in 2018, the Champions Cup was held in Barnaul at a fairly high level.

"We are pleased with the new opportunity that has been provided to the Altai Territory and the city of Barnaul," he said.

"There are wonderful sports facilities, there quality has been unofficially tested by the world's leading athletes and is recognised as very good. In this regard, we strive to create conditions for everyone who will come to the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 2, for the participants, organisers, referees and, of course, for our fans so that they all enjoy visiting the Altai Territory.

"We would like the competition to be really interesting. The results, among other things, will be taken into account when forming the teams for participation in the Tokyo Olympics," Viktor Tomenko said.

It was also noted that, after holding international competitions, residents of the Altai Territory will be given the opportunity to use the infrastructure of the Barnaul canoe sprint course for walks and sports.

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