The International Canoe Federation has welcomed a report from the IOC which shows it is heading in the right direction to achieve gender equality throughout the sport.

The ICF has above average number of women among ICF commission members when compared to other international federations, and has made positive steps in other key-decision making roles within the federation.

ICF vice-president Cecilia Farias said the IOC report contains much which the sport should feel proud of,  but also identifies areas where it can do better.

“The IOC report acknowledges positive work we have done at the ICF to increase the number of women in all aspects of our organisation, and also the steps taken to implement a safeguarding policy,” Ms Farias said.

“Importantly it also identifies areas where we need to continue to work, and outlines strategies wo could undertake to increase numbers. This is incredibly important for us as a member of the Olympic family, and as a sport which is striving to be a leader in this area.

“2022 is a year of enormous change for the ICF, where we have been engaged in a review of our entire structure to make sure we are fit for the future. We have engaged a number of outside experts to help us through this important process.”

Among the initiatives undertaken by the ICF is an increase in the number of women delegates at the ICF’s last general assembly, more women chairing ICF commissions, and a greater number of women as international technical officials.