Olympic gold medalist Nevin Harrison made a triumphant return to international racing as ten nations shared the medals on offer on the final day of the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Dartmouth on Sunday.

Other winners included Romania’s Catalin Chirila in the men’s C1 1000, Poland’s Karolina Naja and Anna Pulawska in the women’s K2 500, and Hungary’s Bence Nadas and Balint Kopasz in the men’s K2 500.

Harrison surprised ever herself with her win in the women’s C1 200, the event where she won gold when the race made its Olympic debut in Tokyo last year after becoming world champion in 2019.

“I’m shocked, I took a lot of time off training, and it was a really, really hard year for me,” Harrison said.

“Coming back with gold is beyond what we had anticipated for me. There’s a lot of personal things that ended up happening in my life. I think I was under the impression that if I was to bring home a gold from Tokyo, everything would be perfect and everything would work out.

“But that’s just not how it was. That was tough, it was just like the world falling in on me for a bit. But the canoe has really kept me grounded and I just really believed in myself like I always have.”

Romania’s Catalin Chirila won his country’s first C1 1000 world title since 1986, holding off fast finishing Olympic champion Isaquias dos Santos for the gold.

“This is my first world championships in the C1, so this result is phenomenal and I’m very happy for it,” Chirila said.

“To prepare for this has been a lot of pain. This is my road to Paris so we will see.”

Romania Catalin Chirila C1 1000 Dartmouth 2022

The K2 500 will be a new event at the Paris Olympic Games, and Hungary’s Bence Nadas and Balint Kopasz staked their claim on early favouritism with a hard-fought win on Sunday.

For Kopasz it was his second world title of the weekend, after winning the K1 1000, while for Nadas it was his first world title since winning relay gold in 2014.

“It’s so many years after my first world title, so it’s amazing and incredible, because it is a new Olympic race,” Nadas said.

“Today it was the most important thing to hit my best form. I would like to do both races in the next Olympic Games,” Kopasz said.

Poland’s Karolina Naja and Anna Pulawska have been the form team in the women’s K2 500 this season, and turned those results into world championship gold in Dartmouth.

It was the first time Poland had won the women’s K2 500 since 1999, and provided a second gold to Naja and Pulawska after they earlier won gold as part of Poland’s K4 500 crew.

“It was a fantastic weekend for us and for the Polish Federation, we are really happy but already ready for the next competition,” Pulawska said.

“We knew we could win today, but it was really close with the girls with Germany, but we were strong at the end.”


C1 WOMEN 200

  1. HARRISON Nevin (USA) 49.87
  2. CORBERA Maria (ESP) 50.54
  3. LIN Wenjun (CHN) 50.55

C1 MEN 1000

  1. CHIRILA Catalin (ROU) 4:14.28
  2. SANTOS Isaquias (BRA) 4:15.80
  3. FUKSA Martin  (CZE) 4:16.21

K2 WOMEN 500

  1. NAJA/PULAWSKA (POL) 1:49.87
  2. PASZEK/HAKE       (GER) 1:50.28
  3. PETERS/BROEKX (BEL)  1:52.64

K2 MEN 500

  1. NADAS/KOPASZ     (HUN) 1:34.98

Pics by Dezso Vekassy

Poland Naja Polawski K2 500 Dartmouth 2022

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