Lisa Carrington and Sebastian Brendel, two of the biggest names in the history of canoe sprint, found themselves on top of the podium again on the final day of the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Dartmouth on Sunday.

Carrington continued her incredible record in the women’s K1 200, where she is unbeaten since 2011, to notch up her eighth world title, to go with the three Olympic gold medals she’s won in the event.

The K1 200 won’t be part of the Olympic program in Paris, but Carrington plans to keep racing the event.

“I think it’s a really good race, a true expression of speed, it keeps my start on point, and there’s still amazing paddlers that are doing it, so I just want to race against the best,” Carrington said.

“There’s a bit of history to it, and I want to win if I’ve done a good performance, hopefully I can keep having good performances.”

Germany Brendel Hecker Dartmouth 2022

Sebastian Brendel and Tim Hecker won the men’s C2 1000, giving Brendel his 13th world title, but his first in a C2.

The Germans were pushed all the way to the finish line by China.

“All my other world titles were in C1 or C4, so now to have a C2 world title feels pretty good,” Brendel said.

“It was a tough race today, with a strong headwind, and a lot of races today for me, but we are quite happy that we are on the podium after our disappointing fourth place yesterday in the 500.”

Canada Fitzpatrick Vincent C2 mixed Dartmouth 2022

Canada’s Katie Vincent finished as the most successful athlete of the world championships, picking up three gold medals on the final day. Vincent was part of the victorious Canadian K4 team, the mixed C2 and finished the competition with individual gold in the C1 5000.

Vincent said competing in front of a home crowd had given her a great lift.

“It’s been a long week, but it’s been exciting because every race is an adrenalin rush when you’ve got your home crowd with you,” Vincent said.

“It’s sad to think that it’s all over now, there’s been so much build up toward this moment, but I’m just grateful for every opportunity that I’ve had. There’s been a lot of cool memories made in the last four or five hours.

“There was definitely a lot of expectation and pressure, and I had a world title that I wanted to defend as well, which I didn’t quite have my moment today.”

Ukraine Liudmyla Luzan C1 500 Dartmouth 2022

Ukraine’s Liudmyla Luzan picked up her second gold medal of the championships, winning the C1 500, while Australia’s Alyssa Bull also won two gold – the women’s K1 1000 and the mixed K2 500 with teammate Jackson Collins.

Spain won two gold on the final day to give them four for the weekend. Carlos Arevalo won the K1 200, while the C4 500 men’s team also crossed the line first.

Germany Hiller Grossman K2 Dartmouth 2022

Germany’s Martin Hiller and Tamas Grossman had the most convincing win of the day, in the K2 1000, while in the 500 metre races Hungary’s Emese Kohalmi successfully defended her title, Moldova’s Serghei Tarnovschi won the men’s C1, and Sweden’s Joakim Lindberg won the final medal on offer, the men’s K1.

Spain and Hungary both finished the world championships with four gold medals, with Hungary winning 11 medals overall. Germany won the most medals with 14, but only two were gold. 26 countries won medals over the weekend.

RESULTS (non-Olympic events)

K1 WOMEN 200

  1. CARRINGTON Lisa (NZL) 41.94
  2. OSTERMAN Anja (SLO) 42.94
  3. LUCZ Anna (HUN) 43.09

K1 MEN 200

  1. AREVALO Carlos (ESP) 36.43
  2. MENNING Peter (SWE) 36.71
  3. CSIZMADIA Kolos (HUN) 36.82

C1 WOMEN 500

  1. LUZAN Liudmyla (UKR) 2:22.34
  2. JENSEN Sophia  (CAN) 2:23.21
  3. MAILLIARD Maria (CHI) 2:24.43

K2 MEN 1000

  1. HILLER/GROSSMAN (GER) 3:32.47
  2. BURGO/SCHERA  (ITA) 3:36.82
  3. NOE/KULIFAI (HUN) 3:37.77

K1 WOMEN 1000

  1. BULL Alyssa                      (AUS)  4:27.65
  2. RENDESSY Eszter (HUN)  4:28.97
  3. GOVORCINOVIC Anamaria (CRO) 4:33.62

C2 MEN 1000

  1. BRENDEL/HECKER       (GER)  3:54.91
  2. LIU/JI       (CHN) 3:55.34

C4 MEN 500

  1. SPAIN 1:39.42
  2. POLAND 1:39.91
  3. UKRAINE 1:40.52

C2 MIX 500

  1. FITZPATRICK/VINCENT    (CAN)  1:56.87
  2. BRENDEL/KOCH    (GER)  1:58.84

K2 MIX 500

  1. BULL/COLLINS (AUS) 1:39.48
  2. PORTELA/PIMENTA (POR) 1:39.79
  3. SCHULTZ/ARFT (GER) 1:39.81

C4 WOMEN 500

  1. CANADA 1:56.14
  2. POLAND 1:56.31
  3. HUNGARY 1:57.39

K1 WOMEN 5000

  1. KOHALMI Emese (HUN) 23:56.44
  2. HAKE Jule (GER)  24:00.17
  3. EGAN-SIMMONS (IRL)   41.51

C1 MEN 5000

  1. TARNOVSCHI Serghei (MDA) 23:37.85
  2. MADRIGAL Serguey (CUB)  23:37.94
  3. BRENDEL Sebastian (GER)  23:55.18

C1 WOMEN 5000

  1. VINCENT Katie (CAN) 27:50.88
  2. LOSKE Annika (GER) 27:55.52
  3. CORBERA Maria (ESP) 28:02.52

K1 MEN 5000

  1. LINDBERG Joakim (SWE) 21:34.26
  2. GROSSMAN Tamas (GER)  21:51.39
  3. CUBELOS Francisco (ESP)  21:54.46  

Pics by Dezso Vekassy

Australia Alyssa Bull Dartmouth 2022

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