Rio 2016 Olympic Games Canoe Slalom
7 - 11 August 2016
Rio de Janeiro
Rio Canoe Slalom2016 Rio Canoe Slalom Olympic Games

Event highlights

11 August 2016

Kayak (K1) Women: CHOURRAUT (ESP) - gold

RIO DE JANEIRO - Comments from Maialen CHOURRAUT (ESP) after winning gold in the canoe slalom women's K1 event at Whitewater Stadium on Thursday.

On winning gold:

"For me this is what I've been looking for since a long time ago. For my family it is a reward for all the nerves and emotion they have felt.

"I have been working every day, taking it step-by-step in order to get to this point and to this place of winning the Olympic gold medal."

On the crowd:

"There was a lot of Brazilian heat."

11 August 2016

Canoe Double (C2) Men: medal facts

RIO DE JANEIRO - Ladislav SKANTAR/Peter SKANTAR (SVK) won canoe slalom double (C2) men's event on Thursday 11 August at Whitewater Stadium.

Slovakia won its eighth gold medal at the Olympic Games and all these eight gold medals have been won in canoe slalom.

SKANTAR and SKANTAR won their first medal.

Slovakia has now won double (C2) men at four of the last five Games.

David FLORENCE/Richard HOUNSLOW (GBR) took silver and FLORENCE became the first athlete to win three silver medals in canoe slalom.

Gauthier KLAUSS/Mathieu PECHE (FRA) took bronze. It was France's fourth medal in this event (G1-B3) and the first since 1996.

11 August 2016

Kayak (K1) Women: CHOURRAUT (ESP) wins gold

RIO DE JANEIRO - The medallists from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games women's kayak (K1) on Thursday are:

Gold: Maialen CHOURRAUT (ESP)

Silver: Luuka JONES (NZL)

Bronze: Jessica FOX (AUS)

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