About the International Canoe Federation (ICF)

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) serves as the global authority for canoe and kayak paddling sports, overseeing 10 disciplines worldwide, recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). With 171 national federations, the ICF unites millions of paddlers globally, from grassroots to elite levels, promoting a passion for paddle sport for all.

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ICF Mission

Through our network of 171 national federations, we unite millions of paddlers worldwide. From starting to the Olympic Games, we aim to promote and inspire a global passion for paddle sport everywhere and for everyone.

Always moving forward is our motto.

Core Organisational Values

At the heart of our community is a set of core values that ensure a welcoming environment for all.

Fostering innovation and shared purpose.

Upholding high standards in all aspects of paddle sport.

Acting with honesty, respect, and ethical values.

Promoting fairness and equality across all demographics.

Demonstrating enthusiasm, pride, and a desire for excellence.

2022 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships Augsburg Germany

Strategic Plan and Structure

Fit for Future Strategic Plan 2022-2024 

The 'Fit for Future' plan outlines strategic recommendations in eight key areas, aiming to support sustainable development in paddle sports. This includes athlete support, climate action, governance enhancement, fan engagement, global development, and revenue generation.

Key Areas of Focus:

1. Athlete Support: Enhancing opportunities and support for athletes globally.
2. Governance Strengthening: Building trust through diversity, transparency, and inclusion.
3. Synergies Maximisation: Collaborating with stakeholders to support global growth.
4. Global Development: Strengthening support and opportunities for athletes, coaches, and officials worldwide.
5. Climate Action: Activating the paddle sport community to support global sustainability goals.
6. Fan Engagement: Engaging fans directly through powerful stories and digital growth.
7. Competition Elevation: Creating economically and environmentally sustainable competition calendars.
8. Revenue Generation: Developing commercial strategies to drive investment and revenue growth for global paddle sport expansion.

Overall, the ICF is committed to advancing paddle sports worldwide, guided by its core values and strategic initiatives outlined in the 'Fit for Future' plan.

View the organisational structure organigram.

Find out more about the structure of the ICF, and contact details for board members, committee members and staff.

Financial Audit Reports

The ICF, as a non-profit organisation, promotes a culture of good governance through transparency. ICF contracts external financial institutions to audit the accounts of ICF Treasurer and Headquarters. The contracted company inspects and reports on all ICF finances and if requested, acts as a financial adviser to the ICF Executive Committee. Below are the recent audit reports. Further, ICF has a strict EXPENSE POLICY to restrict financial wrongdoing or any exploitations.

The financial audits can be found on the finance page.



Read about the diversity and inclusion commission.

ICF Ethics Commission- forms a part of the ICF Court of Arbitration and is charged with defining and updating a framework of ethical principles, including a Code of Ethics, based upon the values and principles enshrined in the Olympic Charter. In addition, it investigates complaints raised about the non-respect of such ethical principles, including breaches of the Code of Ethics and, if necessary, proposes sanctions to the ICF Board. 

Read more about ICF Ethics Commission Chair Michael Chambers

For confidential reporting in regards to corruption, doping, harassment, or any other form of misconduct, please contact the ICF Ethics Commission Chair Michael Chambers

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