Josefa Idem (ITA)

Josefa Idem (ITA)

Canoe Sprint
Date of birth
23 September 1964
176 cm
70 kg
Marital status
Husband Gugliemo Guerrini, sons Janek and Jonas.
Ravenna, ITA
English, French, German, Italian


General Interest

Other information
She announced her retirement from canoeing in January 2013. (, 07 Jan 2013)

She was the first woman to compete in eight Olympic Games. She competed for her birth country of West Germany in 1984 and 1988 before representing Italy in the next six appearances after her marriage to coach Guglielmo Guerrini. (, 05 Jan 2013)

Born in West Germany, she moved to Italy in 1988. She met coach Gugliemo Guerrini and they married in 1990. She became an Italian citizen in 1992 and represented her new nation at the following six Olympic Games from Barcelona 1992 to London 2012. (, 24 May 2003)

She is a senator for the Democratic Party [Partito Democratico] in Italy. She has served as the Minister for Equal Opportunities, Sport and Youth Policy. (Twitter profile, 08 Aug 2016;, 14 Oct 2015)

In April 2007 she published her autobiography, which is entitled "Controcorrente" [counter current]. (, 21 Nov 2007)

International Debut

Competing for
West Germany
Olympic Games
United States

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She began paddling at age 11.


World CupIndividual Kayak7 June 20092009Women8
World CupIndividual Kayak29 June 20082008Women1
European ChampionshipsK1 1000mPoland, Poznan8 July 20002000Women4:04.2101
World CupIndividual Kayak22 August 20102010Women6
World CupIndividual Kayak21 August 20112011Women28
World CupIndividual Kayak3 June 20072007Women10
World CupIndividual Kayak3 September 20062006Women2
European ChampionshipsK1 200mCroatia, Zagreb11 July 19991999Women41.3221
European ChampionshipsK1 500mCroatia, Zagreb11 July 19991999Women1:51.0721
European ChampionshipsK2 500mBulgaria, Plovdiv6 July 19971997Women1:50.8323
World CupIndividual Kayak3 June 20122012Women24Latest result
European ChampionshipsK1 1000mBulgaria, Plovdiv6 July 19971997Women3:58.5191
European ChampionshipsK1 500mBulgaria, Plovdiv6 July 19971997Women1:57.8771
European ChampionshipsK1 1000mCroatia, Zagreb11 July 19991999Women3:55.4591
European ChampionshipsK1 200mBulgaria, Plovdiv6 July 19971997Women41.0181
World CupIndividual Kayak28 July 20022002Women32
World CupIndividual Kayak25 June 20002000Women3
Olympic GamesK1 500mEngland, London9 August 20122012Women1:53.2235Latest result
Olympic GamesK1 500mChina, Beijing23 August 20082008Women1:50.6772Best result
Olympic GamesK1 500mGreece, Athens28 August 20042004Women1:49.7292Best result
Olympic GamesK1 500mAustralia, Sydney1 October 20002000Women2:13.8481Best result
Olympic GamesK1 500mUnited States, Atlanta, GA4 August 19961996Women1:48.7313Best result
Olympic GamesK1 500mSpain, Barcelona7 August 19921992Women1:52.784
Olympic GamesK1 500mKorea, Seoul30 September 19881988Women2:01.809
Olympic GamesK4 500mKorea, Seoul1 October 19881988Women1:45.625
Olympic GamesK2 500mUnited States, Los Angeles, CA10 August 19841984Women1:47.323Best result
Olympic GamesK4 500mUnited States, Los Angeles, CA11 August 19841984Women1:42.685
World ChampionshipsK1 500mHungary, Szeged20 August 20112011Women1:50.0547
World ChampionshipsK1 500mPoland, Poznan22 August 20102010Women2:01.8379
World ChampionshipsK1 500mCanada, Dartmouth16 August 20092009Women1:51.8603Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 500mGermany, Duisburg12 August 20072007Women1:50.5938
World ChampionshipsK1 500mHungary, Szeged20 August 20062006Women1:53.2652Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 500mUnited States, Gainesville, GA14 September 20032003Women1:52.7525
World ChampionshipsK1 500mSpain, Seville1 September 20022002Women1:53.0693Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 1000mSpain, Seville31 August 20022002Women3:54.7703Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 500mPoland, Poznan26 August 20012001Women1:53.5611Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 1000mPoland, Poznan25 August 20012001Women4:02.9031Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 200mItaly, Milan29 August 19991999Women41.8362Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 500mItaly, Milan29 August 19991999Women1:50.2482Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 1000mItaly, Milan28 August 19991999Women3:55.1372Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 200mHungary, Szeged6 September 19981998Women42.1692Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 500mHungary, Szeged6 September 19981998Women1:56.7743Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 1000mHungary, Szeged5 September 19981998Women4:05.1981Best result
World ChampionshipsK2 500mHungary, Szeged6 September 19981998Women1:56.9689
World ChampionshipsK1 200mCanada, Dartmouth24 August 19971997Women43.0682Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 500mCanada, Dartmouth24 August 19971997Women1:58.8882Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 1000mCanada, Dartmouth23 August 19971997Women3:54.5962Best result
World ChampionshipsK2 500mCanada, Dartmouth24 August 19971997Women1:50.4716
World ChampionshipsK1 500mGermany, Duisburg20 August 19951995Women1:58.4968
World ChampionshipsK1 500mMexico, Mexico City25 September 19941994Women1:54.6403Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 500mFrance, Paris25 August 19911991Women1:54.223Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 5000mFrance, Paris25 August 19911991Women22:30.701Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 500mPoland, Poznan26 August 19901990Women1:57.581Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 5000mPoland, Poznan26 August 19901990Women22:35.232Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 500mBulgaria, Plovdiv27 August 19891989Women1:54.393Best result
World ChampionshipsK1 5000mBulgaria, Plovdiv27 August 19891989Women22:24.883Best result
European ChampionshipsK1 500mCroatia, Zagreb24 June 20122012Women1:54.1128Latest result
European ChampionshipsK1 500mSerbia, Belgrade19 June 20112011Women1:51.60910
European ChampionshipsK1 500mSpain, Trasona4 July 20102010Women1:53.3798
European ChampionshipsK1 500mGermany, Brandenburg28 June 20092009Women1:52.9435
European ChampionshipsK1 500mItaly, Milan18 May 20082008Women1:57.0353
European ChampionshipsK4 500mItaly, Milan17 May 20082008Women1:38.6578
European ChampionshipsK1 500mSpain, Pontevedra1 July 20072007Women1:58.1508
European ChampionshipsK1 500mCzech Republic, Racice9 July 20062006Women1:53.7107
European ChampionshipsK1 1000mCzech Republic, Racice8 July 20062006Women3:56.7353
European ChampionshipsK2 500mPoland, Poznan23 May 20042004Women1:55.0969
European ChampionshipsK1 200mPoland, Poznan9 July 20002000Women42.6762
European ChampionshipsK1 500mPoland, Poznan9 July 20002000Women1:55.3346