Augsburg Project

The ICF has teamed up with the City of Augsburg, the event organising committee, local athletes and the International Academy of Sport Science and Technology (AISTS) to prepare a sustainability action sheet.

The project covers food and water, waste management, transport and social awareness.

Among the initiatives are a bike station at the venue, re-fill water bottles for all the athletes, school visits, and the preferred use of local products and producers.

“I think sustainability is the key for the development of our sport." ICF vice-president, Thomas Konietzko, said.

"We are a sport in a natural environment. This is a common issue for all disciplines, not only for competitive disciplines but also for recreational paddlers. It’s a common objective where we can work with our whole community, and this should be only the first step.

"Now we have to work together with our stakeholders and our community to continue and to prove in our daily lives how our sport fits perfectly in the environment."

Read the final report of the pilot project here.