Three-time canoe marathon world champion Vanda Kiszli has so much confidence in her ability to cope with any situation that she does not have a pre-race plan, even before the biggest race on the ICF calendar.

27-year-old Kiszli was super impressive on Saturday in Romania, controlling the 26.2 kilometre from the start through to the final sprint to the finish, locking away her third consecutive ICF classic marathon world title.

At every portage the Hungarian raced away from the chasing pack, then refused to panic when, every time, they caught her up.

“I wasn’t disappointed because I love sitting in the waves, so when they caught me I just sat on the waves and relaxed,” Kizli said.

“I felt comfortable, because I tried not to put all my energy into the portage, I just tried to save it for the finish because I knew that every girl was very fast.

“I don’t think I have any tactics, I just go and try my best. I am always watching the other girls and who is there, so I felt in control.”

But while she felt comfortable during the race, before Saturday she was anything but relaxed.

“I did feel pressure, and it’s not a good feeling. I was so nervous,” Kiszli said.

“I sleep okay, but I couldn’t eat. I was nervous, because if I don’t eat than I will be hungry, than I will be more nervous, so it just goes around. But now I’m happy.”

Hungary Vanda Kiszli canoe marathon 2021

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