30 Enero 2024

A work of art has been created to showcase the commitment of Germany’s Clean River Project to clearing rubbish from the country's rivers. 

The community artwork was produced by photographer and artist Stephan Horch who is behind the project that has helped to raise awareness and address the problem of pollution of Germany’s waters. 

More than 300 volunteers took part in the CleanUp Tour 2023 which visited nine locations across the country and has been backed by the German Canoe Association. 

They paddled around 1,350k from Hamburg to Bavaria, clearing rivers of plastic and other rubbish. 

More than 16,000 litres of rubbish were collected during the tour that ran from the end of April to the start of November last year. 

The CleanUp Tour 2023

The artwork aims to reflect the commitment to environmental protection and the power to unite behind a cause to keep the waters clean. 

“Fresh water is essential for the survival of all people,” said Mr Horch. 

“But salt water is just as important to me. 

“For me, it’s like being at home. 

“That’s why it was important for me to depict the connection between the German rivers and the oceans of our world."

Franziska Braunschädel, Project Coordinator of the CleanUp Tour 2023, said: “We have to join forces to create something great together. 

“Especially in current times with multiple crises, this news is more important than ever, far beyond the German rivers.” 

The artwork will be available an art print on the Clean River Project’s online shop from February 2024.

Click here for more information on Germany's Clean River Project

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