The 100-days-to-go milestone for the Tokyo Olympics is an opportunity for the sporting community to reflect on the role they can play in helping the world emerge from the global pandemic, according to International Canoe Federation president Jose Perurena.

The International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo 2020 organising committee have reaffirmed today that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will go ahead, and Mr Perurena said the padding community stands ready to play its part.

“Even today we know parts of the planet are still struggling to overcome this dreadful virus, and our hearts go out to everyone who has lost loved ones, and to those who have worked so hard to try and beat this pandemic,” Mr Perurena said.

“The Tokyo Olympic Games is a beacon of hope for so many. It will be a very different Olympics, but we know the IOC and organisers are going above and beyond to ensure the event will be as safe as it possibly can.

“Our athletes have worked so hard to get here. The Tokyo Olympics will send a message, that we are not going to let Covid beat us. We are strong as a community, and we are going to win this fight.”

Tokyo 2020 organisers have marked the #100DaysToGo milestone with a series of events across the city, including the unveiling of the Olympic Rings on Mount Takao, and of statues of the Olympic and Paralympic mascots, Miraitowa and Someity.

“The Games will be a celebration of resilience, of solidarity, and of our shared humanity,” Tokyo 2020 President Hashimoto Seiko said.

“Together, the world has faced an unprecedented crisis and Tokyo 2020 is committed to offering a light of hope and solace this summer.”

The chair of the Tokyo 2020 coordination commission, John Coates, has described this year’s Games as the best prepared ever, and said the work of the organising committee has been “quite outstanding”.

He marked the 100-day anniversary with a promise this year’s Olympics will be the safest Games possible, and will be a victory of humankind over the pandemic.

The Tokyo Olympics begin on July 23.

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