The International Canoe Federation has agreed a partnership with international environmental consultancy BMS Strategic Consulting (Bomosa) to develop a plan to reduce its carbon footprint.

Bomosa will work with the ICF to develop a strategic sustainability plan that will meet commitments laid out by the United Nations, and will help guide continental and national canoe federations to address their impact on the environment.

The partnership is an important plank of the ICF’s far-reaching Fit For Future program, which is preparing all aspects of the federation for the challenges of the coming years. Making all ICF events carbon positive is a major part of this plan.

The ICF is already working with international manufacturer Starboard to plant mangrove trees to offset carbon generated at events in 2021 and scheduled events in 2022.

The Bomosa partnership will focus on education, and commitments made to calculate, reduce and offset the ICF’s carbon footprint. It will oversee a pilot program at this year’s ICF canoe slalom world cup final in La Seu, Spain.

A sustainability plan will be established and presented to the ICF general assembly in Thailand in November.

“This is a very important step in the ICF’s long-term vision to be a world leader when it comes to having a positive impact on the environment,” ICF vice-president, Cecilia Farias, said.

“We are a sport which very much is connected to the environment, so it is in our best interest to make sure we protect our waterways.

“We are embarking on a bold new era at the ICF, making sure we remain at the cutting edge as an international sport in all aspects of our operations. Protecting the environment is an important part of this strategy.”

Bomosa CEO, Albert Batalla, said his company was looking forward to working with the paddling community to make a positive impact on the environment.

“We are all very aware how strongly paddle athletes feel about the environment, because every day they get to see first hand the impact humans are having,” Mr Batalla said.

“Now we have a path to quantify what impact major canoeing events around the planet are having. Because the community is so engaged, we are sure this will be a strong cooperation.

“Together we will be able to work to lessen our carbon footprint, and to work towards clean waterways and a healthy environment all around the world.”