Paris 2024 has unveiled the mascots for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, tipping their cap to an important symbol of the key moments in French history.

The Phryges are based on an item of clothing that is a symbol of freedom, has been part of France’s history for centuries, and dates back to ancient times. The Phrygian cap was featured on certain flags in Latin America before becoming widely popularised by French revolutionaries, and has now become a familiar symbol in France.

A symbol of revolutions, the French Republic and freedom, the Phrygian cap can be seen on the French national icon Marianne, depicted in busts at town halls across the country as well as on stamps, and is also covered in the national curriculum in schools. 

The Phryges follow a long lineage: the Phrygian cap was part of all the major events in French history. The French National Archives show records of Phrygian caps worn during the construction of Paris’ Notre-Dame cathedral in 1163, during the revolution of 1789, during work to build the Eiffel Tower, and during the Games in 1924. 

The Phryge Olympic and Paralympic mascots will welcome visitors from all over the world to Paris in 2024.

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