Simon Toulson



Simon graduated in Sport Science from Northumberland University and followed this with a Sports Science Masters Degree from Liverpool John Moores University.

He worked for Manchester United Football Club in the Marketing, Merchandising and Media team for nearly 10 years.

Simon worked for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in the Sports Department, Olympic Games Department and went on to be Head of NOC Games Services at the IOC.  He oversaw the designing and operations of Olympic Villages for Summer and Winter Olympic Games as well as many other multi-sport Games.   He also worked with 200 NOCs on Games Operations and preparation of teams for competition.  He worked for the IOC for 10 years.

Simon has been Secretary General since 2008 for the International Canoe Federation


Simon Toulson - ICF Sectretary General

* All ICF elected officials and Secretary General are required to sign the ICF Board of Directors Code of Conduct to enure highest ehtical principles are kept.