Bringing Canoe Marathon and Dragon Boat together at the same venue and on the same competition days during The World Games 2025 in Chengdu, People’s Republic of China is being hailed as a "win-win situation" by the International Canoe Federation. 

The two sports will feature on the Chengdu 2025 programme along with fellow ICF discipline Canoe Polo. 

The Xinglong Lake Wetland Park in Chengdu has been chosen as the venue for Canoe Marathon and Dragon Boat as well as Parkour and Duathlon. 

Races in Canoe Marathon and Dragon Boat will run on August 9 and 10, 2025, allowing spectators the chance to see both disciplines on each of the two days. 

Ruud Heijselaar, Chair of the ICF Canoe Marathon Committee, and Wai-Hung Luk, Chair of the ICF Dragon Boat Commission, visited the venue at the end of April when they had the opportunity to speak to key Chengdu 2025 officials and put forward any changes for the site. 

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Mr Heijselaar and Dr. Luk were led along the bank of the lake where they were informed about the proposed layout plan in detail, including field of play, front of house and back of house. 

After lengthy discussions, Mr Heijselaar and Dr. Luk came up with some modifications of which the officials agreed to consider. 

Mr Heijselaar said it was fantastic that Canoe Marathon and Dragon Boat would be able to use the same facilities. 

“Considering the cost factor and sustainability of The World Games this is a great starting point,” said Mr Heijselaar. 

“Canoe Marathon and Dragon Boat will be held on August 9 and 10, 2025 and the schedule is ready in concept with only fine-tuning left to do. 

“It will be a combined schedule, so that at one time it will be Canoe Marathon and the other time it will be Dragon Boat, so it is a win-win situation for our ICF disciplines. 

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“Canoe Marathon and Dragon Boat can use much of the same facilities, such as the starting pontoon, finish line and also the common area such as rest areas and the ID control tent. 

“There will certainly be some challenges, but we'll figure them out as we still have some time.” 

Dr. Luk has also welcomed the decision to have Dragon Boat and Canoe Marathon at the same venue across the two days of competition. 

“It was great to visit Xinglong Lake Wetland Park in Chengdu and see how Dragon Boat and Canoe Marathon can work side by side to help deliver a fantastic World Games for our sports,” said Dr. Luk. 

“It gives both Dragon Boat and Canoe Marathon a superb platform to showcase our sports to the spectators that will watch on from the bank and those that will tune in from around the world. 

“Dragon Boat is a hugely popular sport in China, so I am expecting a great event next year and I am looking forward to sharing all this excitement with our Canoe Marathon friends.”

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