The International Canoe Federation will team up with leading recreational watersport manufacturer Rotomod in a partnership which will provide an enormous boost to the development of paddle sports around the globe.

The two-year deal will allow paddlers in countries where canoeing is still developing, to access world class canoeing equipment. The partnership will see Rotomod provide 15 boats each year, which will be used as part of the ICF’s development program.

Rotomod has built a reputation as a world-leading manufacturer of a wide range of paddle craft, including canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and other watersport equipment especially suited for the recreational market.

ICF sport development manager, Sebastian Cuattrin, said the partnership with Rotomod would provide a major benefit to the paddling community.

“We are very proud of our development program at the ICF, which has seen us introduce paddle sports to a wide variety of communities around the world,” he said.

“Many of these communities have very few resources and lack access to the necessary facilities to help the sport flourish. Through this agreement with Rotomod, we will be able to make sure participants are not only getting top level coaching, but also top level equipment.”

Rotomod marketing and commercial director, Damien Garreau, said working with the ICF was a natural next step for his company.

“Rotomod offers the possibility to outdoor sports enthusiasts to practice canoeing and kayaking in all its forms – calm water and whitewater, hiking, expedition, river running and the sea,” Mr Garreau said.

“Our key words are functionality, ergonomics, robustness and comfort. Every year we produce about 15,000 boats and distribute to more than 80 countries.

“We are especially proud of our approach to the environment. We work hard to recycle end-of-life boats, by shredding them into small chips which are then used to create regenerated polyethylene, which can then be used in a variety of fields.”

ICF marketing manager, Catherine Wieser, said it is exciting to have Rotomod as part of the ICF’s international family.

“Paddle sports are some of the fastest growing activities on the planet at the moment, especially during the difficult past 12 months,” Ms Wieser said.

“It’s important for us, as the world governing body for paddle sports, that we strive to make sure canoeing in all shapes and form continues to thrive. Partnering with a respected international partner like Rotomod enables us to achieve those goals.”


About Rotomod: ROTOMOD is a French company created in 1973 in the southwest of France. The company specializes in the transformation of polyethylene by the technique of rotomolding. For more than 30 years, ROTOMOD has been designing, producing and distributing high density polyethylene canoes and kayaks under the brand name RTM offering sit on top, recreational and touring canoes and kayaks. RTM's flagship products are the Mambo, the Ocean Duo, the Makao, the Optimo evo.

In 2012, ROTOMOD is getting closer to the French company DAG created by Gilbert GUILLARD. DAG then becomes the company's second watersport brand with boats designed for the rental, whitewater, initiation and sea kayak markets. In the 2000's, DAG offers the first cross over, SX 230 and SX 285, sit on top allowing to discover, initiate and engage in whitewater kayaking.

About the ICF: The International Canoe Federation is responsible for the global sport of canoeing and has 167 affiliated National Associations and 13 disciplines - Sprint, Slalom, Paracanoe, Wildwater, Marathon, Canoe Polo, Freestyle, Ocean Racing, Dragon Boat, SUP, Rafting, WaveSki and Canoe Sailing.

Canoeing has two Olympic disciplines, with sprint introduced at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games and slalom at the Munich 1972 Olympic Games; Canoeing also made its debut at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games with Paracanoe.

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