Development boat models

The ICF is willing to develop accessible equipment to ease the development of the paddling practises all around the world, whatever the kind of waterbody considered.



What type of equipment is available for donation?

The ICF partners and the ICF National Federations donate new equipment for development of the sport.  

The donated equipments range from but not limited to: Kayaks, canoes, surfskis, paracanoes, paddles and ergometers of many disciplines are donated each year to the NFs for development according to the ICF/Continental federation's strategic plans.

Who can apply for equipment and what is the process?

The National Federations that are in development process according with the ICF and Continental Federations strategic plans. Please contact your respective continental federation to see if you qualify. 

Who has received equipment donations in the past?

 The donation programme has been in operation for 15 years and has contributed to development of the sport in all five continents.