Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates - Canoe/Kayak Events

Coronavirus Update International Canoe Federation Events

Check here for the latest updates of canoe/kayak events and whether they have been affected by current situation regarding the coronavirus COVID-19.

Any new changes will be underlined to highlight the change. For more information on the decisions being made and the latest articles, please see our news page.

Last updated 23 March 2020

Canoe/Kayak Events List Status

 Canoe Sprint
 Asian Championships, Pattaya (THA)YesCancelled
 Pan American Championships, Curitiba (BRA)YesCancelled
 ICF World Cup/European qualifier, Racice (CZE)YesCancelled
 ICF World Cup/Olympic qualifier, Duisburg (GER)YesPostponed, decision late April
 Junior & U23 World Championships, Brandenburg (GER) Scheduled, review May 4
 Super Cup, Oklahoma (USA) Scheduled
 Non-Olympic World Championships, Szeged (HUN) Scheduled
 ICF Masters World Championships, Ternopil (UKR) Scheduled
 World Championships/Paralympic qualifiers, Duisburg (GER)YesPostponed, decision late April
 Canoe Slalom – Olympic Qualifier / World Cup / World Championships
 African Olympic Qualifier, Huningue (FRA)YesCancelled
 Pan American Championships, Curitiba (BRA)YesCancelled
 Asian Championships, Pattaya (THA)YesCancelled
 ECA European championships, London (GBR)YesCancelled
 ICF World Cup 1, Ivrea (ITA) Monitoring, update April 15
 ICF World Cup 2, Pau (FRA) Monitoring, update April 15
 Junior & U23 World Championships, Ljubljana (SLO) Scheduled, review May 4
 ICF World Cup 3, Liptovsky (SVK) Scheduled
 ICF World Cup 4, Prague (CZE) Scheduled
 ICF World Cup Final & Non-Olympic World Championships, Markkleeberg (GER) Scheduled
 Canoe Slalom – ICF Ranking Competitions
 ICF World Ranking Race, Solkan (SLO) Postponed 
 ICF World Ranking Race, Markkleeberg (GER) Cancelled
 ECA Open Cup, Tacen (SLO) Postponed
 Pyrenes Cup 1, La Seu D'urgell (ESP) Cancelled
 Pyrenes Cup 2, Pau (FRA) Cancelled
 72nd Internatinal Tatra, Liptovsky (SVK) Cancelled
 ICF World Ranking Race, Merano (ITA) Postponed 
 ICF World Ranking Race, Prague (CZE)  Scheduled 
 Chilliwack Open, Chilliwack (CAN)  Scheduled
 Slovak Open, Bratislava (SVK) Scheduled
 Canoe Freestyle
 ICF World Cup 1, Krakow (POL) Cancelled
 ICF World Cup 2, Nottingham (GBR) Cancelled
 Canoe Polo
 ICF World Championships, Rome (ITA) Scheduled, review April 10
 Wildwater Canoeing
 ICF World Championships, Nantahala (USA) Cancelled
 ICF World Cups 1-4, Albright (USA) Cancelled
 ICF World Cup final, La Seu D'urgell (ESP) Scheduled
 Canoe Marathon
 ICF World Cup, Pitesti (ROM) Cancelled
 ICF World Championships, Baerum (NOR) Scheduled
 Canoe Ocean Racing
 ICF World Championships, Viana Do Castelo (POR) Scheduled
 Dragon Boat
 ICF World Championships, Bilawali Lake Indore (IND) Scheduled
 World Waveski Surfing Titles Postponed, July 16-23 2021


Canoe/Kayak Development Programme Status

 Canoe Sprint
 Canoe Sprint Continental Development Camp, Curitiba (BRA)Cancelled
 Canoe Sprint World Camp 1, Budapest (HUN)Cancelled
 Canoe Sprint World Camp 2, Budapest (HUN) / Szeged (HUN) / Brandenburg (GER)Scheduled, review May 4
 Canoe Slalom
 Canoe Slalom Continental Development Camp, Huningue (FRA)Cancelled
 Canoe Slalom Continental Development Camp, Rio de Janeiro (BRA)Cancelled
 Canoe Slalom Continental Development Camp, Pattaya (THA)Cancelled
 European championships, London (GBR)Cancelled
 Canoe Slalom World Camp, Ljubljana (SLO)Scheduled, review May 4
 Canoe Marathon
 Canoe Marathon World Development Camp, Baerum (NOR)Scheduled
 Canoe Ocean Racing
 Canoe Ocean Racing Development Camp, Viana Do Castelo (POR)Scheduled