Chinese paddler Juan Huang says her appearance at this year’s Olympic Games in Paris will be a "new starting point" in her career. 

Huang will make her Olympic debut at Paris 2024 after sealing her place in the women’s C1 courtesy of her victory at the Chinese Canoe Slalom Spring Championship in Nan'an in the Fujian province. 

It was an intense selection race, with the 22-year-old emerging victorious after registering a time of 111.59 including three two-second penalties. 

Huang, who has been practicing Canoe Slalom for 10 years, said it was a dream come true to qualify for the Olympics. 

“Winning the qualification for Olympics means a lot to me,” said the paddler from Guizhou, People's Repubic of China.  

“I realise the importance of faith and determination.  

“This is one of the reasons that keeps me persevering.  

“Whenever I encounter difficulties, I remind myself that this is the only way to stand on the podium.  

“The faith and determination allowed me to stay calm in this competition and perform my best.  

Juan Huang

“The Paris 2024 Olympics is my debut in Olympics and for sure a new starting point for my career.  

“I will continue to work hard to improve my technical and mental qualities.  

“At the same time, I also look forward to competing with more strong opponents in future competition, including my idol Jessica Fox, and continue to challenge myself.  

“I believe I will perform even better on the Olympic stage and win honours for my country.” 

Haung produced an impressive performance in the semi-finals, clocking 113.79 with a two-second penalty before coming out on top in the final. 

“I think I was relatively calm during the race, which was crucial to my performance,” said Huang.  

“When I crossed the finish line, I actually didn’t know that I was the champion because I felt that my performance in the final was not as stable as in the semi-final.  

“When the results came out, my coach said I was the champion and my first reaction was that I was very surprised.  

“I thought I would have no chance because I had three touches in finals.

“However, It feels like my efforts have paid off.” 

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