Athletes Committee

About the Athlete's Committee

What is the Athlete’s Committee?
The Athletes Committee is a group of eight athletes, four who have been elected by their peers, and four who have been appointed by the ICF Executive Committee and Board. They come from a range of canoeing disciplines under the ICF umbrella, and are tasked with representing the interests of their fellow athletes at ICF meetings and in discussions about the future direction of canoeing.

What are our goals?
To represent the athletes, be their voice within the ICF and work for the benefit of each athlete.

How do we work?
The Committee holds regular meetings with all its members, to formulate positions to take to the ICF. The Committee is the voice of the athletes on all discussions regarding the running of ICF canoe events, and can also make recommendations on Olympic-related matters. The Committee appoints a chair, who has a place and a vote at ICF Executive Committee and Board meetings. The committee also has involvement with the standing committee of each canoeing discipline, as well as the IOC’s athlete committees.

How is the Athletes Committee composed?
There are currently eight members on the Athletes Committee. There are two canoe slalom athletes, two canoe sprint athletes, two Paracanoests, as well as two non-Olympic discipline representatives who are currently both from canoe freestyle. Representatives were elected by their peers, with the Chair elected by the members of the athletes committee. 

History and major milestones to date
The first Athletes Committee was formed in 2007. The Athletes Committee has created and established its statutes, and in 2017 several athlete forums were conducted.

Athletes Committee Members

The Athletes Committee consists supports and promotes the athletes' views across all disciplines.

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