2015 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships
World Championships
11 - 13 September 2015
Gyor, Hungary
2014 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships, Oklahoma, USA

Event highlights

13 September 2015

K2 Men Winners Adrian Boros/Laszlo Solti (HUN)

"We got up this morning, saw each other and just thought that we could win this race. We wanted to win. In the end, when we saw we were only tow, we pushed a lot and the hungarian support helped us win. I am really proud I won this race in my country, this is like a dream" declared a tired but satisfied Laszlo Solti.

Gold: Adrian Boros/Laszlo Solti (HUN)

Silver: Hank McGregor/Jasper Mocke (RSA)

Bronze: Walter Bouzan/Alvaro Fernandez (ESP)

13 September 2015

K2 Women Winners Renata Csay/Alexandra Bara (HUN)

“I feel that this day made up for yesterday because we were very successful in the race - we had a start to finish win. It was our plan to have a good start because we knew that we needed to get a good position to beat our main competitors who started from the other side. I really don’t know what happened yesterday because we had a really good training session and we were really prepared for this race. But somehow I got cramp in my muscles which I had never had before and this caused the problem. Afterwards I had a rest, I filled up my energy sources with vitamins and carbohydrates so I was prepared for the race today. I am definitely going to pursue my career!” Said Csay. 

Gold: Renata Csay/Alexandra Bara (HUN)

Silver: Anna Koziskova/Lenka Hrochova (CZE)

Bronze: Anna Alberti/Stefania Cicali (ITA)

13 September 2015

C2 Men Winners Marton Kover/Adam Docze (HUN)

“It’s a wonderful feeling to win two world titles here in Gyor and we didn’t expect it. In the third lap we tried to get away from the Spanish boat and it happened so everything went to plan.” Said Kover

Gold: Marton Kover/Adam Docze (HUN)

Silver: Oscar Grana/Ramon Ferro (ESP)

Bronze: Manuel Antonio Campos/Jose Manuel Sanchez (ESP)

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