Almost 200 delegates from just over 100 different federations will take part this week in the 39th International Canoe Federation Congress in Pattaya, Thailand.

About 60 federations will be represented in person in Pattaya, while around 50 federations will join the Congress online as the global canoeing family comes together to map out a plan to secure the sport as a global leader.

Alongside the Congress the ICF will also host a series of important workshops, tackling issues as diverse as sustainability, development and athlete-first leadership.

ICF President, Thomas Konietzko, who will mark his first anniversary since his election in Rome last year, said the federation prides itself on its inclusiveness.

“We have important decisions to make at this Congress which will very much influence the direction and success of our paddle sports into the future,” Mr Konietzko said.

“We are very fortunate to have so many national federations who have the expertise and the experience to help guide these decisions. Our Congresses take a very collaborative approach and everyone will have the chance to have their voices heard.

“The federations are also very generous in sharing their success stories, which benefits all of us. The coming years will provide many challenges for all sports globally, but by working as a united team, we can be confident the ICF will remain as a world sport leader.”

The 39th Congress will follow the Asian Confederation Congress and will be held at the same venue, significantly reducing travel costs for the ICF event. The Congress begins on Thursday and will run through until Saturday.

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