A cutting edge canoe slalom venue built for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics but designed to provide a community facility for decades to come has been approved by the local council.

The Redland City Council approved the Birkdale Community Precinct master plan, a two-decade transformation of local parkland into a major event and tourism destination. A whitewater facility which would host canoe slalom and kayak cross at the Brisbane Olympics forms part of the plan.

The International Canoe Federation leadership team visited the site earlier this month and was impressed by the vision and the passion of the Redlands Council.

Mayor Karen Williams said she was confident the precinct would become the ultimate example of Olympic legacy.

"This place with a space for everyone will not only deliver recreational opportunities, but also health and wellbeing opportunities," she said.

"Our young people are really tired of Redlanders missing out and being told no. I think it's time for our young people to experience what is really precious about our community."

The council’s major projects general manager, Chris Isles, told the council meeting the community could reasonably expect the whitewater venue to break even or make a profit.

"A lot of commentary has been made in the public around a handful of them [Olympic whitewater venues] that have closed," he said.

"Those were built as stand-alone venues in the middle of an Olympic park or the middle of nowhere with no other compelling reason to bring people to those precincts."

ICF President Thomas Konietzko congratulated the council for its foresight and vision.

“The time and effort the council has put in to ensuring this venue will benefit the local community both before and after the Olympics, and also that it will embrace cutting edge technology to lessen its environmental impact, has been inspiring,” he said.

“We stand ready to support the Redlands Council, the local community and the Brisbane 2032 leadership team in ensuring this will be one of the most exciting venues during the Games, and will also provide a local legacy for decades to come.”

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