The International Canoe Federation has taken the next step towards becoming a carbon neutral sport by releasing sustainability guidelines to help event hosts reduce their carbon footprint and preserve biodiversity.

The ICF chose World Water Day to officially launch its Events Sustainability Toolkit. Access to clean water is integral to the success of canoe sports all over the world, and the ICF is keen to play its part in raising awareness of water issues.

The Sustainability Toolkit provides a roadmap for all ICF event organisers to help them run events that have a minimal impact on the environment. Many events are already working hard to make a difference, but ICF vice-president Cecilia Farias said more needs to be done.

“As a global sport, we have many challenges when it comes to lessening our impact on the environment, but we are not afraid to step up for the fight,” Dr Farias said.

“There are so many simple steps we can take which will straight away make a difference. And the toolkit also outlines some of the steps we can take that are more challenging, but can make an even bigger difference.”

The toolkit provides a checklist of measures every event organiser will be encouraged to embrace, ranging from transport and waste management, to energy supplies and food and beverage options.

The toolkit also has recommendations on how to encourage diversity and inclusion at events, and how to protect local biodiversity.

“The international canoeing community is very passionate about protecting the environment, so I am confident all event organisers will welcome this toolkit,” Dr Farias said.

“We are launching this initiative on World Water Day, because clean and safe water is integral to the success of our sport. Clean waterways play such an important part in ensuring communities can get access to safe water.

“Every day our athletes, coaches and team officials see first hand the state of waterways around the globe. They are passionate about making a difference, and this toolkit will help us achieve this.”

The ICF Events Sustainability Toolkit can be found here.