18 April 2024

A Canoe Sprint coaching course was successfully staged in Macau as the discipline continues to develop across Asia. 

The International Canoe Federation ran the week-long Level 2 course in the Asian country at the end of March in collaboration with the General Association of Macau Canoeing. 

A total of 60 men and women from Macao, Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China participated, while eight local young athletes observed the theory lectures and took part in the practical sessions. 

The theory lectures were held at the Macao Watersport Center where there is a large boathouse. 

Training methods, planning and development in cardo-vascular endurance, speed, speed endurance and muscular strength were among the topics covered in the lectures. 

There were also practical sessions for canoe and kayak techniques. 

Participants underwent a written examination which was translated to Chinese. 

ICF canoe sprint coaching course Macau

The course was led by ICF expert coach Csaba Szanto. 

Toshi Furuya, Chair of the ICF Canoe Sprint Committee, said: “It is fantastic to witness the growth of Canoe Sprint across Asia. 

“Macau is one Asian country that is continuing to develop the discipline and that’s thanks to the great work of its National Federation. 

“I would like to give special thanks to the General Association of Macau Canoeing for its support in the delivery of this course. 

“This was an excellent course led by Csaba Szanto and will help to improve the level of coaches which is fundamental to the development of the sport.” 

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