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ICF Planet Canoe #ICFslalom Balint Vekassy @gregiej Rio2016 Canoe Slalom Maialen Chourraut

Canoe Slalom Olympic day 5 review - C2M & K1W

John Gregory
11 August 2016

Ladislav & Peter Skantar maintained Slovakia’s domination as the sunsets on C2M in the Olympics. Maialen Chourraut (ESP) proved beyond doubt that she is the fastest women’s kayak paddler around gates on whitewater. Here is a review of the C2M & K1W semi-finals and finals.


C2M – An incredible 4th Olympic gold for Slovakia

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ICF Planet Canoe #ICFslalom Balint Vekassy @gregiej Rio2016 Canoe Slalom Denis Gargaud Chanut

Canoe Slalom Olympic day 3 review and day 4 K1M medals preview

John Gregory
9 August 2016

Denis Gargaud Chanut was crowned as France’s latest Olympic canoe slalom champion. First, a review of the C1M semi-final and final followed by a preview of what to expect on Wednesday for the K1M semi-final.

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ICF Planet Canoe #ICFslalom Balint Vekassy @gregiej Rio2016 Canoe Slalom

Rio 2016 Olympic Games Canoe Slalom Qualification

John Gregory
27 July 2016

As one might expect the qualification for nations for the Rio Olympics was complex, to say the least. In simple terms, there were two principle 2015 qualification events, where nations could qualify places for boats, in respective classes. 

The nations qualified boat places through the 2015 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships which actually took place on the London Olympic course at Lee Valley as well as through the 2015 Pan American Championships. Other continental qualifiers followed later. Still...Read more

ICF Planet Canoe #ICFslalom Balint Vekassy @gregiej Rio2016 Canoe Slalom

Canoe Slalom Essentials

John Gregory
26 July 2016

We are anticipating five days of exhilarating competition to test the paddler's supreme skill, strength and mental toughness down a minimum of 200 metres of extreme whitewater.

We are assured four new Olympic Canoe Slalom Champions as none of the previous Olympic Champions have qualified to race in Rio.

There are four classes of boat as we crudely call them. OK, yes technically they are canoes and kayaks. Let me explain. There are two kayak classes:

  • K1M – which is K one men, meaning a man sitting in a closed cockpit kayak with a double
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