Rio 2016 Olympic Games Canoe Sprint
15 - 20 August 2016
Rio de Janeiro

Event highlights

20 August 2016


RIO DE JANEIRO - Comments from men's canoe double 1000m silver medallists Isaquias QUEIROZ DOS SANTOS (BRA) and Erlon DE SOUZA SILVA (BRA) at a press conference at Lagoa Stadium on Saturday.

Isaquias QUEIROZ DOS SANTOS (BRA) - silver

On whether he was disappointed not to win a gold medal:

"Even though it was not gold, in my opinion the Brazilian crowd is what pushed us on so we're still happy with winning a medal."

On his plans for after the Rio 2016 Olympic Games:

"Until the 22nd of August I'll be here, but then I want to take a lot of time on vacation and go home to Bahia, go home to there and see family and friends. After that we're going to start preparing for Tokyo (2020 Olympic Games)."

Erlon DE SOUZA SILVA (BRA) - silver

On how they raced the race and the conditions:

"What we did on the race was repeat what we did on the training. We gave 100 per cent, and no the wind did not affect what we did, it wasn't an issue."

20 August 2016

Men's Kayak Four 1000m: LINKA (SVK), VLCEK (SVK) - silver, DOSTAL (CZE) - bronze

RIO DE JANEIRO - Comments from men's kayak four 1000m medallists Tibor LINKA (SVK), Erik VLCEK (SVK) and Josef DOSTAL (CZE) after the final at Lagoa Stadium on Saturday.

Tibor LINKA (SVK) - silver

On winning silver:

"It's an amazing feeling. It's my first medal for Olympics so I'm really, really happy. Everyone dreams about it, but sometimes it comes true and sometimes it doesn't."

Erik VLCEK (SVK) - silver

On winning silver:

"I'm 35 and this is my fifth Olympics and my third medal. It would been better if we win, but it's ok. I have two silver medals and a bronze so I'm fine."

On winning his third Olympic medal:

"Every Olympic medal is a special feeling and it's a special competition."

Josef DOSTAL (CZE) - bronze

On winning bronze:

"We are very satisfied because today there were not perfect conditions for us. We are very good in very wind, but there was not (any) today. We are very proud of ourselves."

20 August 2016

Men's Kayak Four 1000m: GROSS (GER), LIEBSCHER (GER), RENDSCHMIDT (GER) - gold

RIO DE JANEIRO - Comments from men's kayak four 1000m medallists Marcus GROSS (GER), Tom LIEBSCHER (GER) and Max RENDSCHMIDT (GER) after the final at Lagoa Stadium on Saturday.

Marcus GROSS (GER) - gold

On winning another medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games:

"I know the feeling, but it's great to do it in the K4. It's unbelievable."

Tom LIEBSCHER (GER) - gold

On winning his first medal:

"My feelings, there are no words for me. It's the best feeling but I can't describe it"


On how they will celebrate the medal:

"A lot of party and drinks."

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