Approval of the Va'a Classification system by IPC

The International Paralympic Committee has endorsed the International Canoe Federation’s classification system for the new Paralympic discipline of para-va’a, viewing it  as a “work in progress” which can be reviewed over time.

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Launch of the Classification Upload Platform

The Paracanoe classification committee has launched its new platform for receiving athlete classification documents.

This platform is a more secure way to transfer and store confidential documents. The documents are directly saved on a secure server where only the classifiershave  access.

Each time an upload is done, a notification is sent to the classifiers, who could connect to the server in order to review the documents.

This new IT development ensures that Paracanoe is compliant in terms of security and confidentiality of data, according to the Paralympic Code.

 For accessing the Classification upload platform, please click on the link below:

Classification Rules and Regulation

The ICF Paracanoe Classification Rules and Regulations are based on the IPC code, and adapted to Paracanoe. The Classification Rules have been adopted by the ICF Board of Directors on March 23, 2018.