Canoe slalom by the numbers

RIO DE JANEIRO - By the numbers for the canoe slalom competition which begins on Sunday 7 August at the Whitewater Stadium.

1972 - Canoe slalom was first part of the Olympic programme at the Munich 1972 Olympic Games. Athletes from former Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany) won all four gold medals. Canoe slalom was dropped from the programme for 20 years, returning in 1992.

36 - Elena KALISKA (SVK) is the oldest athlete to have won a gold medal in Olympic canoe slalom (as a 36-year-old). She did so in the women's K1 at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

25 - Togo is among the 25 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) which have won only one Olympic medal across all sports. Benjamin BOUKPETI (TOG) claimed bronze in the men's K1 at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

17 - Michal MARTIKAN (SVK) is the youngest athlete to have won a canoe slalom gold medal. He was 17 years and 70 days old when he won the men's C1 at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games.

16 - Number of Olympic medals won by France in canoe slalom, more than any other NOC.

8 - Of nine NOCs with at least one Olympic gold medal in canoe slalom come from Europe. Joe JACOBI (USA) and Scott STRAUSBAUGH (USA) are the only non-Europeans who have won a canoe slalom gold medal, in the men's C2 at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games.

7 - Number of gold medals won by Slovakia at the Olympic Games, all in canoe slalom. The seven gold medals are also a record for canoe slalom at the Games. Slovakia has also won two gold medals at the Olympic Winter Games, both in biathlon.

5 - MARTIKAN is the only athlete who has claimed five Olympic medals in canoe slalom (two gold, two silver, one bronze). He achieved this at five different Olympic Games, from 1996 to 2012.

3 - Athletes Pavol HOCHSCHORNER (SVK), Peter HOCHSCHORNER (SVK) and Tony ESTANGUET (FRA), have won a record three gold medals in canoe slalom.

1 - The win by Tim BAILLIE (GBR) and Etienne STOTT (GBR) in the men's C2 at the London 2012 Olympic Games is the only gold medal in canoe slalom won by a host NOC.

Statistics provided by Gracenote Sports.

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