Flash Quotes: Canoe Double (C2) Men: HOUNSLOW (GBR)

RIO DE JANEIRO - Comments from canoe slalom paddler Richard HOUNSLOW (GBR) after his first run in the heats of the men's C2 with partner David FLORENCE (GBR) at Whitewater Stadium on Monday.


On their race:

"We had a very safe plan and we executed it very well. It was just about getting through to the next round. With only one boat going out (of 12 which started the heats) we didn't want to take risks. It was probably a bit slow but that should be enough for us to qualify for the semifinal.

"We could have gone out there and tried to win qualification but we didn't need to. Some of the other guys have gone and tried to do that and made mistakes and they've put the pressure on themselves to deliver on a second run."

On their plans for the semifinal:

"I've seen the course plan already for the semifinal. There are a lot of changes and it is a completely different course. Obviously a plan written on a piece of paper is very different to when they actually set it up, so right now we're not too worried about that."

On the nerves he felt before the race, having taken silver with FLORENCE at the London 2012 Olympic Games:

"London was my first Olympics and it was certainly a lot more terrifying sitting on the start line there than it was here.

"It's always good to wash away all those nerves."

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