RIO DE JANEIRO - Comments from men's C2 paddlers Anderson OLIVEIRA (BRA) and Charles CORREA (BRA) after training at the Whitewater Stadium in Deodoro X-Park on Thursday.


On representing Brazil in his home Olympic Games:

"It is almost unexplainable. It is a very unique feeling to be able to represent my own country in my first Olympics here in Rio de Janeiro.

"I am really excited about the legacy that this event can bring to the community, not only with the course but the fact there is going to be 'showtime' on TV and maybe a lot of people will consider starting this sport."

On his nickname, which translates as 'Big Bear', despite being only 1.69m tall:

"My nickname is 'Ursao'. A friend gave it to me when I was very little. I am very strong (laughs)."

Charles CORREA (BRA)

On representing Brazil in his home Olympics:

"I'm very happy and excited to have the first Olympic Games in South America and I'm really proud to be one of the athletes that will represent Brazil here at the Games."

On how the Rio 2016 Olympic Games can help raise the profile of canoe slalom in Brazil:

"It's a great opportunity for the average sports spectator to see new sports. It will help to show that they actually exist and will hopefully help Brazil to get through this mindset that the only sport is soccer."

On his partner's 'Big Bear' nickname, even though OLIVEIRA (BRA) is only 1.69m tall:

"He is very hairy though. He is the big bear because he is just sleeping and eating."

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