Flash Quotes: Bryden NICHOLAS (COK), Ella NICHOLAS (COK)

RIO DE JANEIRO - Comments from K1 paddlers Bryden NICHOLAS (COK) and Ella NICHOLAS (COK) after training at the Whitewater Stadium in Deodoro X-Park on Wednesday.


On representing his home country:

"We are very proud of our country. It's a beautiful country. You could ask any Cook Islander where's the best place on earth and they will all say the Cook Islands.

"For the Cook Island people back home, I think it means a lot to have us representing them."

On their profession:

"We are both doctors, working in our local hospital in Tauranga, New Zealand, and have always balanced our medical career alongside our canoe slalom career.

"It's been very difficult. Time management has been a big factor, certainly."


On having her brother by her side at Rio 2016:

"Having my brother support me through this Olympic journey has been fantastic. I've always looked up to him."

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