2017 ICF Canoe Slalom Ranking Events Information

ICF Points Calculation and ICF CSL Ranking

ICF points are calculated separately for each phase (Heats, Semi-final or Final) in which an athlete participates. The lowest point value out of those 3 is the ICF points earned by the athlete for that race.

ICF Canoe Slalom Ranking List

The ICF Canoe Slalom Ranking List is established by taking the average of the best 5 ICF Ranking Points achieved by any competitor participating in the ICF Canoe Slalom Ranking Series of events (see Appendix 1 for full list of 2017 events). The full list of these competitions is also available from the link on the ICF Canoe Slalom Race Infromation webpage.

Events included in the calculation of the ICF Canoe Slalom Ranking span a two year period. Therefore all races in the two year period directly before the relevant release date are considered and the best 5 counted for each Athletes ranking.

Athletes having 5 or more results, whilst still averaging the best 5 results, are ranked above all Athletes having only 4 results; those with only 4 results are ranked above those with 3 results. Athletes with 3 results are ranked above Athletes with 2 results and Athletes with 1 result are ranked
at the bottom of the list.

Release Dates for the ICF Ranking

The ICF CSL Ranking will be published on the following dates:

Release 1before World Cup 1Wednesday 7th June
Release 2before World Cup 3Wednesday 5th July
Release 3following the World Cup FinalWednesday 6th September
Final Release  following the Senior World Championships   Wednesday 4th October

The ICF CSL Ranking is available from the ICF Canoe Slalom Results and Rankings webpage.

General Formula for Race Points

Race Points = Phase Offset + ((Phase Factor *Score) / Score of Leader) – Phase Factor + Quality Factor

Phase Offset is 0 for a Finals result, 10 for a Semi-final result and 20 for any result in the Heats phase.

The Phase Offset is to allow Athletes who make the Finals to generally rank better than the Athletes who finish in the Semi-final and Athletes who finish in the Semi-final to generally rank better than Athletes who finish in the Heats.

Calculation of the “Quality” Factor

The “Quality Factor” is calculated by identifying the five (5) competing Athletes who are ranked highest on the ICF CSL Ranking list. The ICF Ranking points for these Athletes are averaged and this becomes the “Quality Factor” for that event.

Entered Athletes who receive a DNS in both Heats runs will not be considered in the Quality Factor calculation.

Sample Calculation of Quality Factor:
Quality Factor = (0 + 3.66 + 3.68 + 8.05 + 15.38) / 5 = 6.15

This value is added to all race points for that event.
ICF CSL World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games are always given a notional Qualify Factor of 0.00.

Sample Calculation of Race Points

Example 1
Competition phase = Finals, therefore phase offset = 0,
Phase Factor = 150

Athlete 1 score = 89.60 seconds,
Athlete 2 score = 90.82 seconds,
Athlete 3 score = 141.91 seconds,
Points for Athlete 1 (winner of finals) = 0 + ((150 * 89.6)/ 89.6) - 150 = 0.00 race points,
Points for Athlete 2 = 0 + ((150 * 90.82)/89.6) - 150 = 2.042 = 2.04 race points,
Points for Athlete 3 = 0 + ((150 * 141.91)/89.6) - 150 = 87.572 = 87.57 race points.

Example 2
Competition phase = Semi Finals therefore phase offset = 10,
Phase Factor = 150

Athlete 1 score = 101.76 seconds,
Athlete 2 score = 100.86 seconds,
Athlete 3 score = 103.19 seconds,
Points for Athlete 1 = 10+ ((150 * 101.76) / 100.86) - 150 = 12.8256 = 12.83
Points for Athlete 2 (winner of the semi final) = 10+ ((150 * 100.86) / 100.86) - 150 = 10
Points for Athlete 3 = 10+ ((150 * 103.19)/100.86) - 150=13.4561 =13.46

For Athlete 3 the semi final ranking points are better than ranking points they score in the finals phase due to a “50” second penalty received in the Finals, their semi final points would be used as their ranking points for this race.

The calculation of ranking points for the heats phase would follow the same formula as above using 20 as the Phase Offset.

Calculation of Points for Female Athletes during Pregnancy

The points for an Athlete who becomes pregnant will be frozen at the value of the first release date following the time they cease competition. The Athletes points will remain at this value for the next 24 month period (8 ICF Ranking releases) and they will retain the ICF Ranking relevant to this point value.

The Athletes Federation must write to the ICF Secretary General and the Chair of the Canoe Slalom Committee to advise that their Athlete will not be competing due to pregnancy, what date they expect to cease competition and that they wish their ICF Ranking points to be frozen for up to a 24 month period. They must also provide a
medical certificate confirming the pregnancy.

If the Athlete returns to competition within 24 months they will earn points and be newly ranked. Their new post pregnancy races will be used in the calculation of their ICF Ranking. In the first instance the points earned at their first post pregnancy race will be combined with the best 4 of their pre pregnancy races to produce a new ranking. Then the two new races plus their best 3 pre pregnancy points etc. Once they have competed in 5 races post pregnancy their ranking will be calculated on these 5 races and all the points from the pre pregnancy races will be removed.

In all cases, 12 months (4 ICF Ranking releases) after the Athlete has recommenced competition all the points earned prior to the pregnancy will no longer be counted and will be removed. The ranking will be calculated on any points earned since returning to competition and the Athlete will be ranked accordingly.

If after 24 months (8 ICF Ranking releases) the Athlete does not return to competition the points earned from pre pregnancy races will be deleted and the Athlete will be removed from the ranking list at the next release date.


Appendix 1

List of 2017 ICF CSL Ranking Events

A complete list and details of the 2017 races included in the ranking calculation may be found on ICF Canoe Slalom Race Information webpage.

2017 ICF CSL Ranking Competition Calendar V3

  • 2017 ICF CSL Ranking Competition Calendar V3 (PDF format)
    • update V2 - 5th Oct 2016 - 2016 PAN AM Championships added, dates changed for Solkan 2017
    • update V3 - 27th Jan 2017 - ICF Ranking at Lee Valley (GBR) added, dates changed for Ivrea and Seu