What is Waveski Surfing?

Waveski surfing is a dynamic sport combining the paddle power of a sit on top kayak with the manoeuvrability and performance of a surfboard. A Waveski resembles a larger surfboard, with the addition of a seat, fins, foot straps, and seat belt, enabling the rider to eskimo roll if overturned. The waveski rider uses a double ended kayak paddle for motion while seated on the waveski.

Waveski began in the 1970s after kayakers and surfers combined and adapted their equipment for riding waves. Further development of the equipment has helped to move the sport forward, with high performance waveskis now weighing only 6-8kg and are custom made using epoxy resin and EPS foam.

Waveski Surfing and the International Canoe Federation

The International Canoe Federation has a longstanding memorandum of understanding with the World Waveski Surfing Association, making waveski surfing one of the ICF's recognised disciplines. 

More about the World Waveski Surfing Association

For more information about the discipline including rules and competitions, visit the World Waveski Surfing Association website.

World Waveski Competition Information

Calendar and entries: https://www.liveheats.com/wwsa

Official Rankings: https://www.liveheats.com/wwsa/rankings

Oceane Lucas, FRA, current open women's world champion, surfing top class waves in Indonesia

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