ICF Competitions: Branding at venues & advertising on equipment - guidelines

BRANDING AT EVENTS: Guidelines for Organizers of ICF Competitions

The ICF Branding at venue guidelines provides information on the minimum branding requirements for ICF competitions.

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ICF Look and Style Guide

Kiss & Cry backdrop template

Medal Award backdrop template

Templates: eps files are set up with three layers which are :

  • PLACE LOGOS HERE (green) - This is the only layer you use to add your logos
  • Dimensions DO NOT PRINT (magenta) - These are guides for reference and should be turned off before exporting for print
  • ICF Template DO NOT ALTER (red) - This is our design which shouldn’t change

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ICF Partners who will be present at 2020 ICF Events are Nelo, Plastex, Vajda, Braca, Jantex, Dansprint, Elio and Hody. Please read the ICF Partners guidelines for more details.

ICF Partners guidelines

ICF Partners logos

ADVERTISING ON EQUIPMENT: Guidelines for athletes competing at ICF Events and for Organizers hosting ICF Events

The ICF guideline for advertising trademark identification on equipment provides information about style and positioning of boat stickers and about identification on other equipments. This clarification of space reinforces the athlete's identification, the sponsors' visibility and gives a homogeneous style.

ICF Guidelines for advertising trademark identification on equipment for Canoe Sprint and Canoe Slalom:

Canoe Sprint