ICF Canoe Polo Manufacturer scheme


AdriokayaksJosé Antonio Fernandez Adrio[email protected]www.adriokayaks.com
Agility SkillsPiotr Kudlik[email protected]  
A-KayaksJoachim Warnecke[email protected] 
BerteCorpAndrea Bertelloni[email protected] 
Black CompositesLeon Pieters[email protected]https://facebook.com/BlackComposites/
CRT CompositiVincenzo di Pasquale[email protected] 
C.S. CanoeSandro Spagnol[email protected] http://www.cscanoe.com 
DbxclusiveDave Brown [email protected]https://www.dbxclusive.co.uk/ 
Desert CompositesAnton Jacobie[email protected] 
DPPWouter Ottjes[email protected]www.dpp-dynamic.com
Galasport, s.r.o.Jan Potužák[email protected]http://www.galasport.com
JC PoloJames Mitchell[email protected]https://jcpolo.co.nz/
JEM Race Composites Ltd.James McConnachie[email protected] 
Kayak Centre CCClive Whitton[email protected]http://www.kayakcentre.co.za
Lettmann GmbHJochen Lettmann[email protected]www.lettmann.de
Mega KayaksPeter Holgate[email protected]http://www.megakayaks.co.uk
Obeco Whitewater ProductsDarryl O'Brien[email protected]http://www.paddleobeco.ca
P&H Sea KayaksPerra Sheeve[email protected]http://www.phseakayaks.com
Paddle Sports DesignPeter Howard[email protected]www.canoepolozone.com
Polo Composite FranceWilfried Libois[email protected] 
Polo Mania LtdCameron Butler[email protected]www.polomania.co.nz
PT Raya CompositeAndrew Baker[email protected] 
RKcompanyKarel Rasner[email protected]www.rkcompany.com
Tedi SportAndrew[email protected]www.tedisport.pl
Vidra SportIstvan Timar[email protected] 
West Polo productsKrzysztof Kudlik[email protected] 
Whitewater Estates Ltd (Nomad)Michael Dalton[email protected]http://www.nomadcanoes.co.uk
WKDJulien Prieur[email protected] 
Yupin Sports Co., LtdJanice Huang[email protected]http://www.yupinsports.com



1. Make sure to download, read and understand the following documents:

2. Fill-in the online form at the following address:

You will be asked to upload your logo and each of your designs with its Model / Design Name and model number, overall dimensions and images in plan and side on.

You will receive a confirmation email when finished.

3. Pay the upfront registration fee of 300€.

Each manufacturer pays the registration fee of 300€ and this then covers them for all the kayak designs they manufacture. If you create a new design you do not have to pay this registration fee again- you only have to notify the ICF via email of the new design and supply the photos and dimensions via email.

The only ongoing cost is the individual cost of a registration  label for each kayak you manufacture. These are available in packs of 10 for 100€ (10€ per kayak). Small children's polo kayaks and plastic moulded (rotational or blow moulded) kayaks are exempt from the manufacturers scheme.

Application fees (300 €) and individual kayak fees (100 € for a pack of 10 registration labels) must be paid at:

Bank Vontobel AG - Gotthardstrasse 43 - 8022 Zurich - Switzerland
Beneficiary International Canoe Federation
Euro Account Number 11230929.002.002
IBAN CH97 0875 7000 0120 5339 1
Clearing 8757


4.Contacted by the ICF Polo Scrutineers

Once registered the applicant will be contacted by one of the ICF Canoe Polo Scrutineers(a panel of 5 around the world) who will verify the designs in question. Where possible at least one of these scrutineers will test each design with the appropriate gauges to ensure it complies with the specifications. These scrutineers will also conduct random checks throughout the major events to ensure compliance.

Please note – both the application fee and individual kayak fees all remain within the discipline of Canoe Polo to assist the ICF Canoe Polo Committee administer the sport.
Upfront Fee 300€ to be submitted during online registration.

Registration labels will be available from the ICF in packs of 10 for a fee of 10€ each. The labels will be printed by the ICF on resin absorbent paper with an individual registration number. Each number will be recorded against the name of the registered manufacturer who purchases them.


Download the form by clicking here.