Difference between women’s and men’s training methods

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ICF Performance Education: Free online series

Wednesday 19 August 2020

10:00am GMT (12:00 CEST, midday for Central Europe). Time zone converter.

Zoltán Bakó OLY (HUN)
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Zoltan has 50 years of experience and knowledge in high performance sprint paddling at international and Olympic level in sprint kayak / canoe disciplines.

As an athlete Zoltan was a five time World Champion, as well as a two time Olympian which included a bronze medal in the K2 1000m in Montreal 1976.

As a coach, Zoltan has worked as the head coach of the national team in various countries including Norway, Hungary, Brazil and Denmark. His athletes have won nine Olympic medals, three of them gold, in addition to 13 World Championship gold medals.

Academically Zoltan has a masters in sport science and a high performance coach degree. He has lectured at level 1-3 coaching courses coaching courses around the world, and has a broad overview of the ongoing development of kayak sport. He keeps up to date with new workout trends and practical application of a variety of training theories.

Session information

What makes a difference between women's and men's training methods? This webinar covers multiple areas including:

  • Physical and mental differences
  • Nervous system adaptation
  • Hormone effects
  • Endurance training
  • Strength training
  • Mental training
  • Recovery




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