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ICF Canoe Kayak Ocean Racing World Rankings

Due to the Covid pandemic, the last 2 World Championships have been held as "open" events. The ranking system, as reflected below has not been utilised. The ICF board have agreed to allow the 2023 organisers to also run the event as an open competition. This will mean that there will be no limitation on the number of entries that a federation may submit. From 2024 it is envisaged that the championships will return to a closed event where the following will apply.

  • World Cup and International Events - 2 Continents and 5 National Federations
  • Continental Races - minimum 3 countries and 10 athletes per event
  • National Races - 50 men, 20 women, 10 all other

Rankings are separated into men and women across three age groups: junior, under 23 and open.

View the ranking points allocation here.

World Rankings 2019-2020

Last updated 12 May 2020

World Rankings 2018-2019

Final rankings. Updated 17 July 2019

World Cup Rankings - 2017

World Cup rankings were utilised prior to the World Rankings. These rankings were last updated 30 October 2017.