How to train your athletes to paddle faster

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Alexandr Nikonorov, PhD

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Alexandr completed undergraduate studies in sport and physical education, followed by a PhD and doctorate in sport pedagogics (sport biomechanics) in Ukraine. He also holds a level 3 coaching certification in the UK.

As a coach Alexandr was head coach for the Spanish canoeing team for six years, followed by 16 years with British canoeing, starting as national junior coach and progressing to head coach. Highlights include K1 men's 200m canoe sprint gold medals in the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games, K2 200m bronze and silver medals from the same Olympic Games respectively, and multiple world championship medals including over distances of 1,000m and 5,000m.

More recently Alexandr has worked with the Chinese Canoe Association as the head coach for the women's kayak national team, and sprint kayak coach for the Japanese Canoe Federation where the men's K4 500m qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Alexandr has authored 42 books and scientific articles, specialising in kayak training and periodisation. He has delivered international coaching conferences and workshops throughout the world.

Session information

From 200m to the charge start in canoe polo and a sprint race on wildwater, there are countless examples of when speed is an asset to a paddler in canoeing.

In this webinar Alexandr will teach you various techniques and training methods to help athletes paddle faster.


  • The differences between power strokes and driving strokes

Training methods

  • Split efforts intervals training
  • Power led training and year periodisation, and the comparison to traditional training progression
  • Fast twitch gym training

This webinar explains in detail these techniques and training methods, which were developed for 200m racing however can also be used efficiently for preparation for any discipline where speed is required in paddling.


All of your questions answered!
Alexandr produced an additional video addressing the remainder of your questions from the live webinar. Watch below to see the answer to your question.


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