Lluis Rabaneda

Lluis Rabaneda


Lluis started paddling in 1982 as a white water paddler, he grew up in a valley in the Spanish Pyrenees surrounded by the Noguera Pallaresa River. As an athlete he competed in Slalom, Downriver and Freestyle. Lluis's background in canoeing extends beyond his athletic career as an organizer, where he has been the head organizer from many local,regional, national and international events in Spain. The competitions include the Spanish championships in Slalom, freestyle, Rafting, European championships in freestyle (2004 & 2008) , freestyle World Cups (2014, 2018) ,  freestyle world championships (2001, 2019) to the World qualification event for the YOG 2018 (held in the olympic venue in Barcelona) or the Sprint competition during the Mediterranean Games 2018.

Lluis studied computer science in the University in Barcelona, and in 1996 started his own company in the outdoor industry, where he is currently the CEO.

In 2005, Lluis , introduce the Canoe Freestyle discipline into the ICF where he was an advisor to the board until 2006. Then, in the Hong Kong congress in 2007, he become the chairman of the Freestyle committee. Lluis has been in this position till November 2021, when he was elected in the Congress held in Rome ICF Vice President.

In 2019 he received recognition on the Spanish Olympic Committee, as per his devoted work to develop sport in canoeing activity in Spain. He is also a member of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) since 2021.


Elected year: 2021


Lluis Rabaneda - ICF Vice President

* All ICF elected officials are required to sign the ICF Board of Directors Code of Conduct to enure highest ehtical principles are kept.