London 2015 - Full Schedule and Results

Slalom Progression System

All Competitors will have one qualification run and will be ranked. Based on this ranking of the first qualification run, the following boats will progress directly to the semifinal: 30 K1 Men, 20 K1 Women, 20 C1 Men, 15 C1 Women, 15 C2 Men.

The remaining competitors in each event will have a second qualification run and the following boats will progress to the semifinal:  10 K1 Men, 10 K1 Women, 10 C1 Men, 5 C1 Women, 5 C2 Men.

The total numbers for each event in the semifinal will be:

  • Men’s K1 - 40 boats
  • Women’s K1 - 30 boats 
  • Men’s C1 -  30 boats
  • Women’s C1 -  20 boats
  • Men’s C2 -  20 boats
Following the semifinal the top 10 boats from each event will progress to the Finals.